5 Articles of Clothing I Can't Live Without

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I'm taking these clothes with me!

If There Was a Fire, These Are the 5 Pieces I'd Save From My Closet

Fashion. Sometimes I hate it, sometimes I wake up incredibly excited to get dressed for work. My laziness overpowers my desire from time to time but I still love clothes. And frankly, most people do too.

Often times, those who are passionate about fashion are looked down upon. Fashion is unfairly categorized as "unimportant" or "stupid" to those who don't care about it. But to some, (me) it's more than self-expression, it's a connection to family history. Through hand-me-downs or inherited vintage pieces, I get to share a piece of someone else. Through gifts, I appreciate family members or friends who took time to find something I'd like. It's not shallow, it's a connection.

A shirt that accents everything properly, a dress that hides everything properly. We are attached to clothing in a profound way. Even people who don't think they have a connection, most certainly do. Sweatshirts worn everyday or shoes with holes in them represent a devotion to fashion, or getting dressed.

I am a self-proclaimed "Dooms Day Prepper" so, naturally, I have a mental list of the articles of clothing I would save if, God forbid, there was a fire in my rental apartment. Because, as some people can fathom, sentimental pieces of clothing are worth saving.

1. Every Single Vintage Piece I've Inherited

As stated before, not only is vintage related to nostalgia, recycling clothes is better for the environment and fashion industry. Fast fashion is reckless, creating mass amounts of clothing quickly, is neither economical nor easy. Instead, dig around vintage shops or recycled retailers. After all, fashion is cyclical so what was popular now, will likely come back. Like, small sunglasses an example of 90s fashion penetrating retailers everywhere. I'd be okay for that trend to go away forever.

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2. Jumpsuits

I love a good jumpsuit. Vintage, utilitarian, or a classic overall, jumpsuits rise to the occasion every single time. It's a one-and-done article of clothing that you can grab when you can't muster anything else up. Thankfully they are incredibly popular now, so much so, brides are opting to wear a one piece instead of a classic wedding gown. If a fire tears through my building, I can grab a dozen jumpsuit options and have a complete wardrobe for days on end.

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3. Sensible Shoes

I purchase heels or wedges any chance I get but ask me how many times I actually wear them. Not often, I'll tell you that. And on the weekends? I live in comfortable shoes. I remember scoffing at my mom when she'd come commute in one pair of shoes and change into nicer ones once she got to work. Very Working Girl of her but now years later, I get it. Sorry mom. You're always right. So yes, I would snag a pair of comfortable, or sensible shoes, if I had to scurry out of my home.

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4. Dresses That Could Survive the End of the World

Ever find a brand that you know you'll be loyal to for the rest of your life? Same. Mine is a beautiful retailer by the name of Doen. They have dreamy dresses (and more) that I live in! Their garments are comfortable and unique, a combination I have a hard time finding elsewhere. I was so proud and excited to purchase a few dresses this summer and I rotated wearing them to family events, outings, and well, just laying on my couch. Whatever that brand might be for you, it's rewarding when you find a style or company that just gets you.

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5. Pajamas

While I do love sleeping in a random pair of sweatpants and old soccer t-shirt, a proper pair of pajamas has reeled me in like a pig to mud. You'll feel comfortable when you fall asleep in a matching pair of cool pajamas. And if I did in fact, have to run out of my house, I'd be well dressed, even under terrible circumstances.

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