22 Angela Lansbury Quotes That Are Anything But Mysterious

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That's Dame Angela Lansbury to you!

Life Doesn't Have to Be Mysterious When You Read 22 Angela Lansbury Quotes

If you love Murder She Wrote as much as I do, you'll get a kick out of reading some Angela Lansbury quotes. Her most famous role as amateur detective, Jessica Fletcher shines through in her personality and these quotes prove such a thing. She's a veteran in both movies and television and truly a one-of-a-kind actress. Angela Lansbury's wisdom shines through in the quotes below.

The Best Angela Lansbury Quotes

  • "I never regretted what I turned down."

  • "We all have levels of performance."

  • "Bringing humor and brining happiness and joy to an audience is a wonderful opportunity in life, believe me."

  • "The theater is magical and addictive."

  • "I've never been particularly aware of my age. It's like being on a bicycle - I just put my foot down and keep going."

  • "Here I am, I still go on, you know, like the tides."

  • "Better to be busy than to be busy worrying."

  • "I think of myself as a journeyman actress.

Angela Lansbury Quotes

  • "I've worked with the greatest actors, and they're all gone. This is what's so desperate to me."

  • "Mystery is something that appeals to most everybody."

  • "Work in the theatre just keeps revitalizing me, it keeps giving me the excitement and the fun of something new coming up and that's a great gift."

  • "The purpose of etiquette is to provide an easy set of rules which we can follow when we are in a hurry and want to make sure that we do not give offense to anybody."

  • "Actors are not made, they are born."

  • "I'm in a very enviable position, being able to work like this 45 years later. It's always beginning! I never had a sense of finishing up, just new things beginning. When I die, they're going to carry me off a stage."

  • "I was a very serious teenager at that time and I considered the work to be the most important thing and I concentrated on that. I was a bit goody goody. I didn't fool around at all, which is a bit of a shame, I think. I've missed on a lot of fun, but I've made up for it later."

  • "Providing I can put one foot in front of the other, I will continue to act."

Quotable Angela Lansbury Quotes

  • "I believe age should not stop you from keeping on."

  • "I really can't honestly give any tips beyond hang on to your dream. Hang on to what you want, what you feel you want to achieve and go for it. We are all the victims of our own talent and our own shortcomings sometimes, and we have to be aware of those things because they will trip us up and stop us from achieving what our aims are."

  • "I'm never left behind. I'm the bionic woman."

  • "I've had an incredible relationship with my husband, with my family. I know they've had problems of their own, but we have never wavered in our closeness as a family. I've had a hell of a life."

  • "My son said to me "Mom, honestly, the best thing for you would be to keep working and just go out on stage." and I think that's a good thing to aim for."

  • "I'm eternally grateful for the Irish side of me. That's where I got my sense of comedy and whimsy. As for the English half , that's my reserved side. But put me onstage, and the Irish comes out. The combination makes a good mix for acting."

  • "I don't care whether it's a chance meeting or playing a role that you thought was totally wrong but you did it anyway. It will often turn out to be the thing that will lead you to the role which is sublime."

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