26 Quotes That Abraham Lincoln Most Certainly Never Said

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Do not quote us on this.

The Following Quotes Were Definitely Never Uttered by Abraham Lincoln

If you're a fan of my writing you've noticed a lot of quote content in the past few months.

We like to revisit some iconic movies, books, historical moments, and people, mainly what they have to say about life and all that goes on in between. But what about the things people haven't said?

Well, we're pretty sure good 'ol Honest Abe never said the following quotes. He had some profound speeches and moving monologues but I prefer to daydream about the stuff he would never say. Enjoy some of Abraham Lincoln's funniest "quotes".

Funny Abraham Lincoln "Quotes"

  • "To Live and Die In LA is my new favorite podcast."

  • "Bernie 2020."

  • "The Haunting of Hill House was wildly underrated."

  • "It's not summer if you're not reading Elin Hilderbrand."

  • "No, thanks I'm not eating gluten this week."

  • "Can you BELIEVE what he tweeted?"

  • "Mary, turn up the KPOP!"

  • "Daniel Day who?"

  • "I wonder what Dr. Ruth is up to today."

Abraham Lincoln Quotes [That Were Never Said]

  • "I only fly private, darling."

  • "I prefer Real Housewives of New York to Beverly Hills any day!"

  • "House prices are so inflated, I bet they burst in two years."

  • "Fannie Mae can do no wrong!"

  • "I have my heart set on this set of Warby Parker glasses."

  • "Hannibal, are you enjoying your Casper mattress?"

  • "Oh man, let's go to Sweetgreen today."

  • "Nancy Meyers has never made a bad movie, quote me on that."

We're Making Up Abraham Lincoln Quotes

  • "I'm bringing back Zines."

  • "Let's boycott Woody Allen together."

  • "Tulum is the new Ojai."

  • "National Treasure: Book of Secrets had many problematic facts in my opinion."

  • "Freelancers deserve benefits too ya know."

  • "Under no circumstances should children be in cages."

  • "Why the hell is the US Women's National Soccer Team not paid equally to their inferior counterpart?"

  • "I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice Chianti."

  • "We're going streaking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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