6 Questions Every Woman Should Ask Their Doctor

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An apple a day probably doesn't keep the doctor away!

Six Questions You MUST Ask Your Doctor At Your Annual Check-Up

Going to the doctor is never fun nor easy. Leaving work early to sit in a waiting room full of sick people is not ideal. For women it requires some probing and prodding in regions we'd rather keep covered midday.

Recently, women's health has been under fire and threatened. It's important to make the most out of your annual (or semi-annual) doctor's visit because certain legislation might take away some pretty important resources.

If you get overwhelmed or flustered, have no fear we've created a handy guide to get you through your next appointment. Make sure you ask your doctor these six questions at your next annual checkup.

1. Meds, Meds All Type Of Meds

Are you on medication? Do you think you need something different? This is the time to speak up. Be it, IUDs, asthma inhalers, or anxiety tablets, you should ask all the questions.

2. Family History

When there is SO much paperwork to fill out at every visit, it's easy to skim over somethings. If you think your Dad has high blood pressure but you're not sure, well ASK. You should dive deep into family history, especially as we get older, it's important to know what to be cautious of. Whether it's breast exams or cutting out red meat, ask your doctor what to do to avoid following in the footsteps of your family members.

3. Stress & Sleep

If you're abnormally stressed or not sleeping right, tell your doctor. A prescription won't fix everything but discussing your feelings with your doctor has added benefits as well. They can recommend therapy, lifestyle changes, or if need be, medical assistance.

4. Under Pressure

If you don't know your blood pressure, or how to take it, ask your Doc! As we get older, it's important to monitor blood pressure. A healthy status is 120/80. If you're too high or too low you'll need to make significant changes in your lifestyle.

5. The Down Low On Your Down Low

It might not be the most comfortable but it's important to discuss your vagina. Menstrual cycle, pain, odor, or what have you! It's important to speak up, even if it's embarrassing. That's what doctors are there for, and if not them, then who? Me?!?! It's important to monitor yourself south of the border and speak up if something doesn't seem or feel right.

6. Back Here

Okay so you're almost done, you're in the clear, and you want to get out of there as soon as possible. But pump the brakes. Make sure you understand any changes you are making and how long they might last. Maybe a new birth control will alter your period, maybe you're off anxiety medication, whatever it may be, FOLLOW UP. Doctor's can only help when the balls in your court. So make that second appointment, find a specialist, and keep your Doctor in the loop.