Celebrate The Women’s Right To Vote With This Women's History Quiz

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Here ye, here ye, do you know all the things women went through before they could vote?! Well take this quiz to educate yourself!

A quiz about women's rights history, issues, and overall battles. Including the important women who paved the way for the feminist movement.

 Oct 18, 2017
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What does Rosie the Riveter represent?
The women who worked in factories & shipyards during WWII
The masculine fashion trend in the 1950s
The need for better nutrition for women in the 40s
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In 1920, the 19th Amendment gave women what right?
To own property
To hold public office
To vote
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What is the goal of feminism?
To allow women the freedom of self-expression
To achieve political, economic, and social equality
To allow women to play sports in college
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Name one of the seven sister schools:
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Who was the first female astronaut in space?
Sally Field
Sally Ride
Sally Jessy Raphael
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What is The Feminine Mystique?
A brand of tampons
A study on sexism in the workplace
A novel that sparked the second wave of feminism
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Sandra Day O'Connor was the first female member of what?
New York City Police Department
The United States Supreme Court
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
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Name one well-known feminist activist:
Kate Gosselin
Jane Goodall
Gloria Steinem
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Margaret Thatcher was the United Kingdom's first what?
Prime Minister
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Who was the first African American winner of the Miss America pageant?
Vanessa Williams
Halle Berry
Viola Davis
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What is Planned Parenthood?
A nonprofit organization that provides health care
A veterinarians office
A fertility treatment center
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What is a "suffragette"?
Another term for stay-at-home mothers
Poverty stricken women in developing nations
Women who fought for the right to vote
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The movie "9 to 5" depicted what in the workplace?
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Arianna Huffington created what major news website?
The Huff Post
Fox News
The New York Times
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What British pop band coined the phrase "Girl Power"?
Fifth Harmony
The Spice Girls
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What is "The Pill"?
Lethal pill given to inmates on death row
A once daily ingestible contraceptive
Melatonin taken before bed
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