Here Are the Top 5 Tips for Protecting Your Jewelry During the Summer

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Keep your jewelry looking fresh and new all summer long!

With the warmer weather comes shorter sleeves and lighter clothing, which often means less opportunity to show off your favorite pieces.

However, even in burning months, you can add some sparkles to your outfit with golden jewelry.

How to Protect Your Jewelry in Summer?

Summertime is a thriving season when we can proudly show our beautiful and colorful gems. However, summer is also a period when your jewelry gets exposed to harmful factors.

Here are a few standard suggestions for protecting your jewelry in summer:

-Store your jewelry in a cool, dry place when you're not wearing it. A moisture-free environment will help prevent damage from the heat and humidity.

-Avoid getting your jewelry wet whenever possible. Watering your jewels can cause tarnishing and other damage to your gem's metal. If you get your jewelry wet, dry it off as soon as possible.

-Remove your jewelry before participating in activities that could damage it. Activities like swimming, gardening, or household chores can risk your jewelry being scratched, dented, or otherwise damaged.

These simple tips can help protect your jewelry and keep it looking its best all summer! Now, let's dive deeper into these tips:

1. Avoid Saltwater and Chlorine

It's fundamental to take extra care of your jewelry, whether a sea lover or a pool one. Saltwater and chlorine can cause damage to even the most durable pieces.

To avoid this, remove your jewelry before swimming or exposing it to salt water and chlorine. You can also try using specific cleaners on metal jewelry to prevent the negative effects of these harsh elements.

2. Be Mindful with Creams and Sweat

Although it might be tempting to have our most promising appearance during summertime, we must be careful when wearing jewelry. Lotions and sweat can damage even the most beautiful pieces, so taking a few precautions is essential.

First, always apply soft lotion if putting on any jewelry. This will help in lessening the irritations between your skin and the metal.

Second, avoid wearing jewelry when you'll be sweating a lot. Don't put your jewels on when you're going to hit the gym or go climbing some mountains. Sweat can cause tarnishing and other issues, so it's best to save your golden gems for another day.

3. Avoid Extremely High Temperatures

One of the most important ways to save your jewelry during summer is to avoid extremely high temperatures. This means keeping your jewelry out of direct sunlight as much as possible and avoiding activities that could cause it to overheat.

If you are out in the heat of the sun for extended hours, consider wearing a hat or scarf to keep your jewelry covered. And if you're participating in any activities that could cause your jewelry to overheat, such as cooking or gardening, be sure to remove it beforehand.

4. Store Your Jewelry Properly

The summer season is a great time to show off your jewelry, but it's also a time when jewelry is more likely to get damaged.

Store your jewelry carefully. Avoid storing your jewelry in humid places, as this can cause tarnishing and other damage. Instead, store your jewelry in a cool, dry place such as a jeweler's box or a lined drawer. We love the portable jewelry pouch, Blingo because it zips up and has hairbrush-like bristles that keep your jewelry in place and untangled even while traveling or on the go.

Moreover, keep an eye on potential loose gems, damaged clasps, pins, or clips. You might need to fix them before you need to use them. Consistent cleaning and reparations are critical to long-lasting shiny jewels.

5. Take Off Jewelry for Challenging Activities

Don't take your jewels out of the box if you're going to do anything challenging or active this summer. This includes going to the beach, swimming, hiking, camping, etc.

Even if your jewelry is safe for water activities, it's best to avoid taking any chances. You wouldn't want to lose your favorite necklace while body surfing!


Summer is a time to enjoy the outdoors and the warmer weather, but it's also when your jewelry is at risk.

The warmth and humidity can damage your jewelry, so it's essential to take precautions to protect it.

Remember to clean your jewelry regularly, a quick wipe-down with a soft cloth will help remove any build-up of lotion or sweat.

We hope our tips helped guide you towards better protection of your jewelry this summer. With these easy-to-follow tips, you can keep your jewelry looking great all summer!

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