7 Smart Home Devices That You Need In 2021

7 Smart Home Devices That You Need In 2021
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The smart home device business is one of the fast-growing industries globally, especially in the United States. Currently, there are over 258 million smart homes in the world. As there are many smart home devices to choose from, which ones are the best for your home? However, there are factors one should know before choosing a smart home gadget. Surprisingly there are some clothing brands getting into the tech industry but here Mentioned are the pointers you should look out for in an ideal smart home device:


Voice Assistant Support

From locking the doors to playing your favorite music, you should be able to do all that with your eyes closed. This part is where voice assistants come in handy. Therefore, a smart home device should support any or all of the major voice assistant technologies. Currently, the three top voice assistants are:

-Amazon’s Alexa

-Google Assistant (or Google Home) by Google

-Apple’s very own Siri (or Apple Homekit)

Easy to Install and Use

Any smart device you purchase ought to be DIY-friendly. Although some devices might need to be installed by experts, you should do the basic setup. Also, connecting these devices to the internet or other gadgets should be straightforward.


Compatibility with Your Wifi

There are various smart home gadgets on the market: some use WiFi while others don’t. Yet, many of the top smart devices work with WiFi. These are the smart devices you should consider. First, connecting them to your home WiFi makes the installation process easy. Also, it saves cost since it will be connected to your existing WiFi like any other device.

To help you make a well-guided decision, here are seven smart home devices you must have this year.

1. Shark Ion R85 Robot Vacuum

Robot vacuum cleaners are now common in many homes. Yet, only a few come close to Shark Ion R85 Robot Vacuum in terms of overall functionality. This robot cleaner cleans the house without you having to lift a finger. The Shark Ion R85 is a cut above the rest in removing pet or human hair from the carpet. All you need to do is to turn on the device via Alexa or Google Assistant voice commands, and you can keep your feet up while watching your favorite show. 

Accessing the app and updating the settings for timely notifications is easy. Consider getting the AC Infinity inline duct fan to complement the Shark Ion vacuum. While the R85 robot vacuum cleans the house, AC Infinity takes out the strong smell.

2. Nest Protect Smoke Detector

The mortality rate due to smoke inhalation is at least 48 percent. When it comes to detecting smoke, no smart device does it better than Nest Protect Smoke Detector. This device detects smoke and other poisonous gas, mainly carbon monoxide. If Nest Detector detects smoke or a gas leak, it sounds an alarm while its LED light changes color to make you aware of the danger. 

At night, this device automatically turns on the lights in your home to aid visibility and assist you in evacuating your home if necessary. It integrates with Alexa, Google Home, Nest, and other notable voice assistants.

3. Vivint Smart Home Security System

Smart home devices are great for many things like entertainment and comfort. However, the security of your home, family, and property comes first. Fortunately, Vivint Smart Home Security System does that so well. This smart home device is packed with the essential features to be aware of your environment. These security features include several outdoor cameras to see and communicate with anyone outside your home. It also affords you the power to grant or deny access to outsiders.

This smart technology sends you a notification when there is a suspicious activity going on outside your house. The Vivint Smart Security System’s app is user-friendly – even kids know their way around it. Besides, it is compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa. Although you need professionals to install it upon purchasing this device, it is worth the trouble.

4. LG Door-in-Door Refrigerator

Are you tired of opening your fridge with either your face or leg when your hands are full? Then the LG Signature Instaview Door-in-Door Refrigerator is what you need. This smart refrigerator comes with features that make life easy around the house, especially for parents.

It integrates with the top voice assistants that enable it to respond to voice commands. Whether you need to put some groceries in the fridge or get some ice, just say the magic word (not “open sesame”), and you will gain access to your fridge hands-free.

5. Amazon Smart Plug

If you could pick just one smart device for your home, it should be a smart plug, and here’s why. A smart plug makes virtually any device you plug into it smart. As far as smart plugs go, Amazon smart plug is the product to beat.

Whether a coffee maker or a vacuum cleaner, you can give your non-smart devices commands like any other smart device. Thus, you don’t need to buy smart vacuums or toasters if you can’t afford them. Amazon smart plug saves you money. Being an Amazon product, it readily integrates with Alexa voice command and is compatible with every other Amazon device.

6. Kohler Veil Smart Toilet

With Kohler Veil, your toilet opens and closes by itself. Also, this smart toilet has helpful features that include:


-Night light

-UV light toilet sanitizer

All these features work automatically. Smart toilets are some of the most thoughtful innovations in smart technology. Kohler Veil Smart Toilet is a leading smart toilet brand that you need to get this year. It comes with sanitary features that promote comfort and neatness in your home.

7. Nest Wifi Router

The challenge with WiFi points is that when more devices are connected to them, their performance drops. For this reason, Nest WiFi Router is the best on the market at the moment. It connects to the fastest WiFi point available. Thus, it allows all the devices in your house to connect to the strongest WiFi point.

The WiFi connection remains strong even with a few hundred devices connected to it. Not only will you no longer worry about interrupted streaming, but the Nest Router also works as a smart speaker. It is compatible with voice assistant technology - you can control the router with Google Assistant’s voice command.


Final Thoughts

The essence of having a smart home is to make your life easier. Anything other than that is a waste of time and money. Furthermore, the beauty of smart home technology is the ability to control it remotely. Look out for unique features like voice assistant and WiFi compatibility before buying a smart device. The future is bright thanks to the advent of smart home devices.