8 Self-Care Tips That You Need To Know In 2021

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Self-care tips you DON'T want to miss!

Self-care has become increasingly popular throughout 2020 and into 2021. Perhaps the harshness of the recent global pandemic has caused people to look inwards - to understand what their bodies and minds desire. Or maybe people are simply deciding to take better care of themselves. Whatever the reason for the surge in self-care - know that it is not a selfish practice. It is the complete opposite. Self-care enables us to be happy, connect with our inner needs and desires, and focus on our physical and mental health. So that we can create better bonds with people, work more effectively, and live a healthier and less stressful life.

But how do you start taking care of yourself if self-care has never before been a priority? You can adopt a few simple steps to ensure that you feel as good as you can!

Today we will cover our eight top tips to get you practicing self-care and feeling great.

1. Deep Breathing

No really. It may seem like a no-brainer, but deep breathing is the route to a more composed and relaxed state of mind. Improving upon the amount of oxygen your body takes in provides more energy - making you feel awake and healthier - ready to take on the day with a positive mindset.

Imagine how tight and tense your body becomes when you hold your breath. How your shoulders raise and your chest begins to ache. A common misconception is that breathing is for survival only. In truth, it plays a part in self-care too and, when carried out consciously, it can have a positive effect on your physical and mental well-being.

Try it now. Take a deep breath in and then out. See how you feel. Notice how your body begins to relax, your jaw unclenches, and your shoulders release.

2. CBD Supplements Like Gluten-Free CBD Gummies

If you find yourself anxious throughout the day, distracted in your everyday life by worries and concerns, why not try taking some supplements. Gluten-free CBD gummies are a great way to ease anxiety, clear your mind and help you relax - enjoying the moments in life that count.

CBD gummies can also help alleviate the symptoms of some physical conditions. Reportedly - CBD can reduce pain and, in some cases, improve acne symptoms. Different people will experience unique effects - you must research what will work for you.

Always make sure you purchase any supplements from a reputable company.

3. Sleep

The importance of sleep cannot be stressed enough when talking about self-care. People brag about running off of 2 hours of sleep - they shouldn't. Sleep gives your body time to rest, heal, and prepare you for the next day. Start small. Try no electronic devices for at least 2 hours before getting into bed. No caffeine after 4 pm, or you could try listening to some sleep meditation.

Studies have found that out of adults in the US, 35.2% report getting less than 7 hours of sleep per night. Sleeping such a small amount can negatively impact energy levels throughout the day, cause mood swings and increase anxiety.

Improve your sleep, and you'll already be well on the path to better self-care practice.

4. Make A Daily Plan

Before settling into bed each night, try writing a to-do list for the next day. That way, you can go to bed without worrying about what will happen tomorrow as it is all planned out for you - giving you a sense of control over what could otherwise become an overwhelming day.

Daily lists help you stick to a schedule, remain calm, and complete all the tasks that need to be done that day. They're also a great reason to buy yourself a lovely day planner!

5. Pet Cuddles

One of the best on the list! Find a furry friend and show some love. Pets are known to reduce anxiety, alleviate stress and make you feel content and loved by increasing the serotonin levels, the happy hormone, in your body.

Next time you're feeling overwhelmed, try reaching for your cat and see how much better you feel!


6. Get Physical

It may seem time-consuming but making your body moving has a tremendous effect on your mental state. Even if it's just a daily walk - get up, be active and see how much quicker your mental state improves.

You can even incorporate moving a little with going outside more. Go for a walk around the park outside and listen to the birds - being more aware will help boost your mood even further and is an effective method of self-care.

7. Have Fun

When did you last do something that made your soul sing? Something that wasn't shopping for things you need or visiting someone because you feel like you should.

Take time for yourself. To do what you love. Whether that be getting your nails done or reading a book in your local coffee shop - learn to make time to enjoy life!

8. Identify Your Problems

Lastly and perhaps most importantly, remember self-care is about taking care of your whole body, improving your life, and living to feel good. Because of this, maybe you need to identify some past trauma. Recognize it, discuss it if you need to, and learn how to process it and truly move on to free your mind and body.

You may feel anxious to talk to those around you about your past traumas but, you will be pleasantly surprised by how many people want to help. In turn, you could find yourself helping them come to terms with some of their issues.

Understanding your past can help you live a better future.

With these eight tips in mind - think, make a plan and start learning the value of practicing self-care. Your mind and body will sing your praises, and so will those around you.