Top 12 Hair Care Tips For Women In 2022

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Follow these tips for achieving your best locks this year!

Weather changes, incorrect diet, lack of sleep not only affect your body equilibrium, but they can also lead to hair disaster. Frequent hair dyes and no-oil practice can spoil your tresses. With work deadlines gaining priority, there is little time for self-care. Irregular salon appointments are insufficient for proper hair care.

Why not make the most of your at-home time by doing self-hair care? There are various natural products and supplements, and home remedies for hair nourishment and rejuvenation. Follow these easy tips regularly to restore your hair luster and shine.

1. Pay Attention To Your Hair Products’ Ingredients.

Just like your food, your hair products and curly hair accessories like rizos curls need a flip through before starting their use. Educate yourself on the ingredients that go into your fancy hair products. Read product labels to confirm the “Parabens-free, SLS-free” status of your hair products.

Pro Tip: Reach out for shampoos, serums, and hair oils containing natural ingredients like argan oil, avocados, shea butter. They have excellent hair conditioning properties.

2. Oil Massage Your Scalp Regularly.

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Whether you have long hair or waves, doing a hair and scalp massage on weekends is essential to give your dry and lifeless hair the required hair protein. Massaging your scalp reduces mental stress, headaches and also promotes hair growth. It boosts blood circulation and strengthens your hair roots. Pro Tip: If you are suffering from hair fall, mix and apply castor oil, olive oil, mustard oil in equal amounts to your tresses. Follow it up with hair steam and wrap your hair in a towel. Wash your hair the following day.

3. Use Silk Pillowcases

Cotton pillowcases are primarily used to get a good sleep. Since they absorb hair moisture, they can cause hair split ends, breakage, and bed hair. A silk pillowcase gives you the best hair ever as there is less likelihood of hair friction and frizz. A silk pillow improves hair maintenance and can help you sport braids and other hairstyles comfortably.

Pro Tip: A silk pillowcase is better for your skin, as it’s a proven dermatological remedy to reduce facial wrinkles and creases.

4. Make Wide Tooth Combs A Standard Feature

Many of us like to use paddle brushes to comb our hair. This can get harsher on hair and cause hair breakage and damage. Use an anti-static wide-tooth comb to prevent flyaway problems and less damage. We highly recommend using a Keratin Comb like the one from Little Moroccan Things. These handmade combs are naturally rich in keratin, with amazing anti-static properties, making it a great protective tool for even the most fragile and frizzy hair.

Pro Tip: A handmade comb’s soft rounded teeth do not hurt your scalp while combing. It stimulates the spreading of natural oils in your hair, nourishing the hair follicles to optimum strength.

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5. Treat Your Hair To Eggs

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Rich in proteins, eggs are essential for the development of thick and strong hair. An egg yolk can strengthen lifeless hair.

Pro Tip: Use egg shampoo or conditioner once or twice a week to strengthen your hair locks. Don’t forget to supplement it with a dietary intake of eggs.

6. Reduce Your Hair Wash Frequency

You may like to over-shampoo your hair a week to get off the grease and dirt. This strips off your hair of natural oils and causes dry locks, itching, and dandruff. Athletic practice can make your hair feel sweaty and greasy. Some people are using Invisalign for their teeth as part of their oral health.

Pro Tip: Use less shampoo in every head wash to avoid the chemical impact. Apply plucked aloe vera leaves on your hair for chemical-free hair softness. You may also spray dry shampoo to stretch the time between actual hair wash.

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7. Increase Your Protein Intake

An unhealthy diet upsets not only your health but also your hair. Load up on a protein-rich diet to give your falling and damaged hair the required keratin.

Pro Tip: Build upon essential proteins by increasing eggs, soy, and dried fruits in your diet. You can also wash your hair with keratin shampoo to get hair strength.

8. Try Onion Juice To Nourish Hair Follicles

Onions aren’t just for your palate but also your tresses. Onions are sulfur-rich, which decreases hair thinning and breakage. The juice’s antibacterial properties also fight scalp infections, reducing hair fall.

Pro Tip: If you dislike the onion juice smell on your scalp, use onion juice hair oil and shampoo available at the drugstore to get its benefits without the smell.

9. Avoid Over-brushing Hair

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Excessive hair brushing is not a healthy practice. It breaks weak hair, causes split ends, and might damage your mane.

Pro Tip: Limit your hair brushing to three or four times a day. Use a different hairbrush for wet and dry hair to avoid unnecessary hair breakage.

10. Protect Your Hair Locks From UV Rays

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The summer sun is a source of hair damage, as much as the skin. Sun exposure leads to dehydration, which makes the hair more fragile and less silky.

Pro Tip: Use after-sun hair products like masks, shampoos, conditioners, and hair veils to shield your hair from sun damage. Step out with a head-covering hat to reduce the sun impact.

11. Moisurize Your Hair Well

Shampoos are not the only way to get salon-smooth hair. Think about hair masks, rice water rinse, leave-in conditioners to keep your hair hydrated throughout the year.

Pro Tip: Use argan oil, coconut oil, aloe vera, or a beer rinse to maintain hair softness.

12. Prevent Your Hair From Pool Damage

While you love being a water baby, you may be unaware of the impact of harsh chemicals on your silky hair.

Pro Tip: Do mild hair conditioning before readying for a swim. It will shield your hair from the pool water. Wear a hair cap as well to reduce water contact on your hair.

Final Thoughts

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Implement these doable hair resolutions to get lustrous hair. Consider your hair type and any previous hair therapy before deciding on future hair products and treatments. Stay consistent with your hair care methods. An overnight change of products without dermatologist consultation can do more harm than good.

Certain hair care tips are common whether you have curly, oily, thin, or dry hair. Look after your hair with patience, guidance, and the right approach to get the best results. Follow hairstyling tips, but do what best suits your hair.

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