Quiz: Only 1 in 50 Italians Can Answer These 15 Questions About Their Land


O sole mio!

How well do you know the Italian geography? Take this quiz to find out and challenge your friends to the wonders of Italian geography.

 Oct 19, 2017
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If you're a TRUE Italian, you should be able to easily answer these 15 questions. Only 1 in 50 Italians are able to answer every one of these cultural questions...come take the test to see how you fare! This quiz will test you on ALL things Italian geography, from the countries landscape to its islands, to its bordering countries and location within Europe, and so much more!

This quiz will test you on all things that every Italian should know. For example, every Italian (and pretty much every human) knows that Italy is in the shape of a boot! That fact is easy, but do you know which Sea Italy is in? Or the name of the independent country within Italy (hint, the Pope lives there). Are you Italian enough to know what mountain range is in Italy? Or the name of one of the main islands off the coast of Italy?There are so many elements of Italian culture that are Italians are extremely proud of, many of which are on this quiz!

Every Italian will (or should) know the answers to these 15 Italian geography questions. Even if you've only visited Italy once or twice, you definitely have a shot of acing this quiz! Even if you're not a true Italian, you can prove your love of this amazing and unique country by correctly answering all of these tricky Italian geography questions. After you ace this quiz like we know you will, celebrate your awesome score by chowing down on some spaghetti and bruschetta... you deserve it! Molto Bene!!!

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