13 Things You'll Only Understand If You Went To The University of Akron



The University of Akron loves two things. 1) Our favorite marsupial Zippy and 2) Beating Kent State. Not only that, but we are some of the nicest people on a college campus you could ever meet! We also have great off campus places to eat, the world's BEST college radio station, and MANY more! Just go ahead and read to see if some of your favorite things made this list!

1. We Have The World's BEST College Radio Station!


WZIP 88.1 FM is the world's #1 college ran radio station! Whatever your music taste is, WZIP has it! For those late nights in your room when you just feel like dancing, or if you're stuck in traffic, tune into WZIP for great radio hosts and great music!

2. Did I Mention Our Mascot Is A Kangaroo Named Zippy?


Meet Zippy. A fun loving marsupial who loves Beyonce and hates Kent State. You can catch her walking through our student union taking pictures with everyone, cheering at every sporting event, getting into dance battles with students, and bowling in our activity center. Zippy is a tough cookie and puts a smile on everyone's face!

3. Resort Level Pool


Seriously though...have you ever seen a better college pool? Didn't think so.

4. Residence Hall


Exchange St. Residence is known for their abundance of fire alarms. Since they are the only residence hall with a kitchen, they go off constantly because the ventilation is terrible for a kitchen space. 4 am fire alarms are not unknown to this hall.

5. Our Hatred Of Kent State Runs Deep


Every sporting event we fight over the "wagon wheel" that goes to the winning team. Also, if you ask any Akron student what time it is, we are obligated to say the time followed by "and Kent state still sucks". Example: "Hey Andy, got the time?" "Yeah, it's 3:05 pm and Kent State still sucks!"

6. The "Akron U' Cringe


It has never been "Akron U" or "Akron University". You cringe every time you hear a family member or a random person call the university "Akron U" automatically and you try not to correct them so you stay in good standing.

7. Polsky


Try to avoid Polsky. Never step foot towards Polsky. If you have a class there, change it immediately. Almost every student on campus feels a certain type of way towards the Polsky building due to it being basically in the middle of downtown, away from everything, while walking downhill and uphill to get to this nightmare of a building.

8. The Roo


Have a long walk to and from class? The Roo is there for you and all of your needs. Need to go shopping? Ride The Roo. Need to get across campus? Ride The Roo. Don't feel like walking in the rain? The Roo. Everyone knows night time Roo rides are the best because that's when the drivers really blast the music on the bus!

9. ZTV


ZTV is an awesome program that we have on our campus! We are an Emmy nominated and winning station! The program is one big adventure!

10. Multiple Starbucks


On campus you have the choice of 4 different Starbucks locations to get coffee. No matter where you are on campus, Starbucks is probably by you. The best one to order from is the one on south quad!

11. Musica

Zender Agenda

Musica is one of the best places to go watch bands play that's only a 10 minute walk from campus! There's a bar and the scene is great! Also, did I mention there is a bar.

12. Urban Eats


Connected to Musica is one of the BEST places to get paninis! Their menu changes every month and they sell homemade gelato that is rich in flavor! It's a short walk from campus which makes it a great place to go eat when you are tired of the school food!

13. Swensons


No list about Akron would be complete without Swensons. A regular old Big Mac can't cut it against the Galley Boy with a side of cajun fries and a vanilla milkshake! You ask an Akron kid about Swensons and their face lights up and you bet your buns that you will be going to Swensons just from asking about it. Also, the guys run to your car which is a major plus.

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