Do You Have 5 Minutes To Find Out The Deep Truth About Your Personality?

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Even your MOM doesn't know you this well.

Studies have shown people's true personalities, and inner most thoughts, after they answer these 16 simple questions.

 Mar 12, 2018
1 of 60Pick your answer!
I am more...
Nurturing and calm.
Romantic and imaginative
Pragmatic and down to earth
2 of 60Pick your answer!
How do you handle conflict?
I stand up for myself and challenge the other person.
I avoid conflict at all costs.
I try to understand why the other person is upset.
3 of 60Pick your answer!
In business are you...
Charming and ambitious
Direct and formal
A peacemaker
4 of 60Pick your answer
Which are you?
5 of 60Pick your answer!
Which do you prefer?
A small group
A large group
Time alone
6 of 60Pick your answer!
Is it easy to rile you up?
Only if someone bothers my friends/family
Yes, it is easy to get me going.
7 of 60Pick your answer!
Which are you?
Street smart
Highly intelligent
8 of 60Pick your answer!
Are you affectionate?
Yes, I'm a hugger!
Only with some people.
9 of 60Pick your answer!
Do you often try new things?
Yes, if it is enjoyable to me
Yes, if it is useful to me
10 of 60Pick your answer!
What means more to you?
Making sure everyone has fun.
Taking care of others.
Making sure I have stability.
11 of 60Pick your answer!
Which are you?
More experience oriented.
More goal oriented.
More relationship oriented.
12 of 60Pick your answer!
How do you feel about deadlines?
I love deadlines.
Deadlines are meant to be broken.
Deadlines make me nervous but they're needed.
13 of 60Pick your answer!
Do you speak up for yourself?
Yes, always.
It depends on who I'm speaking against.
14 of 60Pick your answer!
Which are you?
15 of 60Pick your answer!
Which are you?
I don't take anything too seriously.
Soft-hearted, sentimental
16 of 60Pick your answer!
Which is more likely?
I am there for my friends and they are there when I need them too.
I am there for my friends but feel guilty if I need them.
I don't need help from my friends and they are usually fine without me.
17 of 60Pick one!
Who are you in your friend group?
The "always there" friend
The helper
The leader
18 of 60Pick one!
When faced with a big project, you:
Start to silently stress
Create systemic deadlines for yourself
Ask for help
19 of 60Pick one!
Which one of these places would you most likely live?
San Francisco
New York
Los Angeles
20 of 60Pick one!
Which one of these words would you use to describe yourself?
21 of 60Pick one!
How many friends do you usually have in your "crew"?
10 or more!
1 is all you need
22 of 60Pick one!
When someone asks you for a favor, you usually:
Listen to their problem and find someone who can help them
Feel too busy to help
Help right away without asking why
23 of 60Pick one!
When you make decisions you first consider _________
future consequences
how it will benefit you in that moment
whether you'll get into trouble
24 of 60Pick one!
When you're stuffed from a big meal you ________
go back for seconds anyway
go for dessert (dessert doesn't count!)
are finished
25 of 60Pick one!
Because you know it could kill you, ____________
you have just a teensy bit
avoid it
go for it (you're gonna die eventually!)
26 of 60Pick one!
You consume chocolate, coffee and or energy drinks _______
whenever you need energy
at least every morning
27 of 60Pick one!
You use over-the-counter medicine ________
whenever you feel something about to come on
when you're really, really sick
28 of 60Pick one!
The last time you checked your Instagram or other social media was ___________
5 minutes ago
this morning
29 of 60Pick one!
After experiencing a great sensation you ________
are satisfied
seek the same feeling right away
try to figure out how to get it again
30 of 60Pick one!
You're heading to your terminal at the airport when you hear that all flights have been canceled you ______
go home, guess there's no trip for you
go to the concierge to see what is going to be done
get upset and angrily demand to see a manager
31 of 60Pick one!
A prisoner has broken out durring the same weekend you and your friends are camping in the woods. When stranger approaches you as you all get ready for bed, you _________
grab a knife and ask if they're the same prisoner that broke out
pretend like you don't see them
call 911
32 of 60Pick one!
Are you more guided by your head or your heart?
33 of 60Pick one!
Are you right or left handed?
34 of 60Pick one!
Cats or dogs?
35 of 60Pick one!
Hot or cold?
36 of 60Never have I ever...
Picked my nose.
I have!
37 of 60Never have I ever...
Sang in the shower.
I have!
38 of 60Never have I ever...
Said 'excuse me' when there was no one around.
I have!
39 of 60Never have I ever...
Pretended to know a stranger.
I have!
40 of 60Never have I ever...
Sung karaoke.
I have!
41 of 60Never have I ever...
Tried to cut my own hair.
I have!
42 of 60Never have I ever...
Broken a bone.
I have!
43 of 60Never have I ever...
Cheated on a major test.
I have!
44 of 60Never have I ever...
Traveled by plane.
I have!
45 of 60Never have I ever...
Broken a traffic law.
I have!
46 of 60Pick one!
What do you think is the most important in life?
47 of 60Pick one!
How do you handle conflict?
I get angry, I may fight back with facts.
I feel very negative, I may cry.
Distance myself, downplay the situation, but feel very hurt.
I become quiet and withdraw, I may blow up over something else later.
48 of 60Pick one!
Have you ever gone out of your way to be cruel to someone?
No, even my enemy I wouldn't hurt.
I have, maybe to see just how far I could take it.
I have by accident.
Yes, sometimes people deserve it.
49 of 60Pick one!
What is a power you would love to have?
50 of 60Pick one!
How would your partner or best friend describe you?
51 of 60Pick one!
What is your worst quality?
Hard to please
52 of 60Pick one!
As a kid, what did you get criticized for?
Disruptive, uncommitted.
Bossy, argumentative.
Directionless, unenthusiastic.
Emotional, moody.
53 of 60Pick one!
How would you describe yourself?
Fun loving
54 of 60Pick one!
A friend deeply hurts you. How do you react?
Feel deep hurt, but hide my feelings.
Show anger and demand an apology.
Feel deep hurt, forgive, but not completely.
Act like nothing happened, but end the relationship completely.
55 of 60Pick one!
How would a boss or teacher describe you?
Voice of reason
56 of 60Pick one!
If you were lost in the woods, what would you do?
Go with my gut and walk in one direction.
Try to find my way with clues from nature.
Walk one way, but make sure I look around for a better way.
Try to find a path to follow.
57 of 60Pick one!
How do you show your love?
I spend a lot of time with the person.
Acts of service, I make dinner or help them with something.
I am very physical. Lots of hugs, kisses, holding.
I tell them I love them and how much they mean to me.
58 of 60Pick one!
Your best friend is in trouble, how do you act?
Concerned and empathetic. Always loyal.
No judgement, and I may not take the problem seriously.
Protective, resourceful, trying to find the solution for them.
Supportive and patient.
59 of 60Pick one!
Which animal speaks to you?
60 of 60Pick one!
Which sentence speaks to you?
I try.
I can.
I dare.
I will.
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