Texas Lingo - It's A Thing. How Many Words Do You Actually Know?

Only a true Texan knows these Texasisms!

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 Feb 28, 2018
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Question: 1/21What does this mean?

You all

Question: 2/21What does this mean?

What's up

Question: 3/21What does this mean?

What's up
Someone who lives North of the Mason-Dixon Line

Question: 4/21What does this mean?

"Ain’t my first rodeo"
Not your first time doing something
It's your birthday
Not your first time at a rodeo

Question: 5/21What does this mean?

Small or small amount
A biker
A pond

Question: 6/21What does this mean?

Little kids

Question: 7/21What does this mean?

"Ice box"
Ice skating rink
Winter time

Question: 8/21What does this mean?

"Blue northern"
Very cold

Question: 9/21What does this mean?


Question: 10/21What does this mean?

From the North

Question: 11/21What does this mean?


Question: 12/21What does this mean?

"Conniption fit!"
Scaring the neighbors!
Throwing a tantrum!
Losing your wallet!

Question: 13/21What does this mean?

A place where you can get liquor.
A fast-food drive in.
A Mexican place that sells tacos.

Question: 14/21What does this mean?

"Big hat no cattle."
Someone that is always late.
Someone that says they are greater then they are.
Someone that owns a ranch.

Question: 15/21What does this mean?

"That dills my pickle!"
That is hard for me to understand!
That is pretty to look at!
That makes me upset!

Question: 16/21What does this mean?

"Tuckered out"

Question: 17/21What does this mean?

"Knee-high to a grasshopper!"
To be wise.
To be very young.
To be irritable.

Question: 18/21What does this mean?

"They sure are high-cotton!"
They are smart!
That they are wealthy!
They have a lot of sweaters!

Question: 19/21What does this mean?


Question: 20/21What does this mean?

"She's quite the looker."
She has new glasses.
She dates lot of men.
She is very pretty.

Question: 21/21What does this mean?

"Dern tootin'!"
No way!
Very scary!
You bet!
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Learn A Little Texan.

When traveling abroad, it is usually wise to learn a few words and phrases in the native language to help in case you find yourself in a jam. It is also wise to learn a little about the native culture to make you appear less touristy.

For example, should you choose to make Texas your travel destination, you should know that Texas was once its own country called the Republic of Texas. Also, most of the native Texans do not yet realize this is no longer the case. They are very sensitive about their homeland. Tread lightly. Don't mess with Texans.

However, Texans do speak a form of English (pronounced "Ainglish" in Texan), so the language should not be much of a barrier. There are a few key differences, though. For example, I do not believe the heading "Learn A Little Texan" to be ambiguous for English speakers, but it may be for a speaker of Texan (prompting one to go meet a shorter Texas native). It is these subtleties that you need to master before your trip to the Lone Star State.

When traveling in Texas, please feel free to carry this handy guide to Texas speak with you - trust me, you will need it.

Research studies from the top Ivy League universities, The NY Times and Fox News, from 2018 and the last decade, suggests that only 1% of the population in the United States can answer even 15 out of 20 of these questions correct. This means, that knowing the meaning of these 20 words can actually prove, within very close data metrics, whether or not your IQ is indeed 150 and above. You could have a genius IQ, are you ready to take the test?

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