Quiz: You’ll Only Ace This Test If You Grew Up In A Navajo Family

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Were you raised Navajo?

 Dec 07, 2016

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Many Navajos live near a sacred landform. This sacred place is called:
Copper Canyon
Canyon de Chelly
Devil's Tower

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You are visiting Navajoland and want to take home a traditional Navajo craft. You might select _______ ?
a matte-finish, cast silver "naja"
a beaded tobacco pouch
an intricately painted pot

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Navajos are most closely related to what other tribe?

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Which of the following is NOT a traditional Navajo food?
Mutton stew
Piki bread

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The traditional Navajo home, called a "hogan" is shaped like:
An octagon
A hexagon

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You are driving through the reservation and you notice a tee-pee. What is probably going on?
A movie is being filmed.
Some"wannabes" are visiting.
A Native American Church meeting is being held.

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Even though Navajos are matrilinear, only men can perform as "hathalis" (medicinemen or singers) for the multi-day ceremonies.

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If you are out and about on the reservation in the fall and see a costumed figure called a "yeibechai", wearing a mask and carrying a rattle, you should:
Avert your eyes.
Say a traditional prayer.
Give him something.

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Many Navajos have enlisted in the armed forces over the last century. If a traditional Navajo sees combat, he will want the following ceremony performed when he returns:
The Blessingway
The Warrior Way
The Enemy Way

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In 1861, the Navajo endured their version of the Cherokee "Trail of Tears." What was this journey called?
The Long Walk
The Trail of Shame
The Long Dying
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