Quiz: These 16 Questions Will Tell If You're Smart Enough To Be A Detective

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Could your secret talent be working undercover to solve crimes?

Quiz about the FBI, such as it's headquarters in Washington, D.C. and that it stands for the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

 Sep 27, 2017
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Which would be the best question during an interrogation?
Were you at the bowling alley last night?
You were at the bowling alley last night, weren't you?
Why were you at the bowling alley last night?
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What does it mean if the person who's talking to you keeps touching his or her neck, arms and watch?
He or she is tired.
He or she is lying.
He or she is telling the truth.
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Which of the following is a focus of criminalistics?
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In which direction do subjects typically look when they are pretending to recall information but are actually coming up with a lie?
Upwards and to the left, accessing his or her memory
Upwards and to the right, accessing his or her imagination
Straight ahead, unafraid to make direct eye contact with the interrogator
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When you disagree with someone, how do you react?
Let it go
Speak up
Attack them
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On your first day of training, you would _____.
disobey orders because you know you're the best
quit because it's too hard
attempt to break all the test records
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Your first assignment is to infiltrate a Mining Facility that is secretly smuggling drugs. The Commander says to do it by the book. You _____.
blast your way in and kill everybody
just wing it
do it by the book
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You make it to the target to assassinate. What gun did you bring to QUIETLY kill him?
A Rocket Launcher
A Silenced Pistol with a laser
A LongBow-37
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You spot one of the FBI's most wanted criminals walking down the street. What do you do?
Arrest him at gunpoint immediately.
Take out your gun and start shooting at him.
Call for backup and follow him.
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You are being called into a murder crime scene. What's the first thing you investigate?
The room
The body
The killer’s exist route
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You need to I.D. a dead body, but there's no wallet. What do you check for?
Eye color
Hair color
Cell phone
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Which motto speaks to you the most?
"Defending Our Nation. Securing The Future."
"Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity"
"And you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free."
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The warning an arresting officer must give a suspect to let them know their rights is called the:
Habeus corpus
There is no warning an officer must give
Miranda warning
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True or False: The depth of a footprint may help you determine whether a person was running or walking.
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True or False: Eyewitness testimony is usually very reliable.
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What does a detective need to search a property without the owner's consent?
A subpoena
An indictment
A warrant
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