Quiz: Only A True Wiccan Will Pass This Winter Solstace Test

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Let's burn some yule!

What is the pagan winter solstice? What are some celtic and pagan traditions? Where does Wicca or Wiccan traditions meet solstice?

 Dec 16, 2016
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Oak King symbolizes the light of the New Year and the Holly King represents darkness.
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Yule, the ancient name for Christmas, may come from jol, a Scandinavian winter solstice festival.
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Modern-day Wiccans and Druids still commemorate the solstice as one of the how many solar holidays throughout the year?
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Which of the following was used by the ancient Druids as an aphrodisiac?
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All of the following are holidays centering around the winter solstice, except:
Samhain (Celtic)
Saturnalia (Roman)
Yule (Scandanavian)
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The burning of the Yule log on the eve of Solstice symbolized:
Good luck, abundance, and protection from harm
Faith, hope, and divine grace
Sexuality, passion, and love
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Technically, the winter solstice occurs:
None of the these
When the sun reaches the northernmost point in its yearly cycle
On the shortest night of the year
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All of the following Christmas traditions have pagan roots, except:
Christmas cards
Decorating trees
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A Pagan nativity scene might include:
Mother Donn, Father Math, and Baby Hu
Jack Frost, Lady Winter, and Baby New Year
Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, and Baby Elf
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Traditionally, Yule taboos include:
Lighting fires
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