Quiz: Only A German American Will Get A 10/10 On This Test

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Was geht ab?

What are things that only a German American would understand. If you grew up in America but your parents are from Germany!

 Mar 31, 2017
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What did German Americans introduce to the United States?
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What kind of foods did Germans NOT bring to the US?
Hot dogs
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When do you say: "Gesundheit!"?
To wish someone good health after they sneezed
To wish someone good luck on a trip
To wish someone Happy Birthday
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Which dog is known as a "Wiener Dog"?
German Shepherd
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Which former movie star now turned governor speaks German and was born in Austria?
Ronald Reagan
Roland Emmerich
Arnold Schwarzenegger
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Which German-American scientist provided leadership for the American space program and moon landing?
Werner Heisenberg
David Roentgen
Werner von Braun
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Which musical group is not of German origin?
Culture Club
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What is the name of the famous piano company started by a German in the US in 1853?
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What does the term "Blitzkrieg" mean?
Lightning warfare
Spirit of the times
Amusement at somebody else's misfortune
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Who was the German physicist famous for the formula E = mc squared?
Max Planck
Levi Strauss
Albert Einstein
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