Quiz: Only 1 in 50 Southern Baptists Can Pass This Religious Test. Can You?

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Down to the river to pray.

What is unique only to Southern Baptists? What is it like to grow up as a Southern Baptist? What are the things that make you Southern Baptist?

 Jul 11, 2018

1 of 15Pick one:

How do women rank as Southern Baptist officials?
Equal to men
Above men
Below men

2 of 15Pick one:

Members of the SBC should, ____.
spread the good news and spread their faith
not travel as missionaries to spread their religion, only to help people
not try and get people to convert

3 of 15Pick one:

Who can receive the Lord's Supper?
Members of the SBC
All believers

4 of 15Pick one:

How will Jesus return at the end of the world?
In a dream of a believer
As a world leader
Personally and visibly

5 of 15Pick one:

Southern Baptists churches are:

6 of 15Pick one:

Who was John The Baptist?
A wild-man preaching in the desert.
The cousin of Jesus.
The writer of First John.

7 of 15Pick one:

When was the Baptist faith started?
The Baptists came out of a protestant split after Luther.
The Baptists have history from before the dark ages.
The Baptist were around before the FLOOD.

8 of 15Pick one:

Do the Baptists believe in drinking?
It is believed in direct opposition to what God wants, but varies by church
There is nothing wrong with drinking unless you get drunk.
You better believe it, without us the beer industry would go under.

9 of 15Pick one:

What do baptist believe about speaking in tongues?
Were only used in Bible times just like all other gifts of the Spirit.
It is a gift of the Spirit often used in church to help spread the gospel
Generally do not practice speaking of tongues in public worship

10 of 15Pick one:

Which side of the church should the piano be?
It shouldn't matter but churches have split over it.
It doesn't matter.

11 of 15Pick one:

What is a baptist silent shout?
Eyes closed and mouthing "praise the Lord".
What you do when the preacher goes past twelve.
How a mom in the choir gets her childs attention.

12 of 15Pick one:

Do baptists believe in backsliding?
Yes, and sins must be repented to be saved
Once saved, God still forgives those sins
What's that?

13 of 15Pick one:

What does BYPU stand for?
Bring Your Pretty Umbrella
Because You Pray with Understanding
Baptist Young People's Union

14 of 15Pick one:

Which of the following hymns is not in the Baptist Hymnal?
Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee
I'll Fly Away
A Mighty Fortress Is Our God

15 of 15Pick one:

Name the two annual Southern Baptist missions offerings.
Lottie Moon and Annie Armstrong
Petula Clark and Doris Day
John Broadus and Basil Manly
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