Quiz: Only 1 In 50 People Can Ace This Tricky Air Traffic Controller Test

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"Oakland ground, United one three five ready to taxi IFR, with sierra."

What is the Air Traffic Controller Test or the ATC? What does and Air Traffic Controller do? How does a pilot contact ground control for clearance.

 Nov 21, 2016

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What does the term FMS stand for?
Flight Management System
Flying More Safe
Flight Manufacturing Staff

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If there were a large obstacle at the end of the runway, which Vspeed would you use?

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Lets say you have a strong crosswind while in your final approach. Which of the following is a technique that you could use to land safely and on your mark?
Nose Dive Technique
Wing Bending Technique
Slipping Technique

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In what order of wheels should touch the the ground first on a landing?
Nose and main gear simultaneously
Nose wheel; main gear
Main gear; nose wheel

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In the International Civic Aviation Organization alphabet, what comes after Sierra?
Tan Tail

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If you were an Air Traffic Control (ATC) controller, how would you pronounce this letter/number sequence: Z35976T?
Zulu-Three-Five-Nine-Seven-Six-Tango Zulu-Tango, Three-Five-Nine-Seven-Six

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Which Boeing aircraft is used for ultra-long haul flights?
Boeing 777
Boeing 747
Boeing 557

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The letters A, U, P, D, & I would be translated in the phonetic alphabet to what words in the ATC world?
Alpha, Uniform, Papaya, Delta, & India
Alpha, Ultra, Papa, Delta, & India
Alpha, Uniform, Papa, Delta, & India

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Can a ground controller clear an aircraft for takeoff?

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What are the ONLY five different ATC positions that you would tell an aircraft to go to if you were in the tower?
Ground, Departure, & Approach, Clearance Delivery, Tower
Departure, Approach, & Tower, Center, Airsapce
Ground, Clearance Delivery, & Tower, Center, Ocean,
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