Quiz: If You Can't Pass This Technology Test, You Might Be Amish...

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How tech savvy are you? What are basic technology questions every human should pretty much know? What technology is consider basic?

 Dec 08, 2016
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A cell phone is basically a sophisticated:
data recorder
remote control
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Solar power generates electricity from what source?
The Sun
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In terms of computing, what does CPU stand for?
Central Processing Unit
Cable Processing Unit
Centered Protocol Unit
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What does the abbreviation WWW stand for?
What Would Web
World Wide Web
Where's Web World
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A system of computers linked together to share data, software, and hardware
Power supply
Domain Server
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This is something that is a box on your screen. It can usually be minimized, maximized, and moved around. You can have many of these on the screen at once
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This is a place where files can be stored in an organized manner. You can put these within each other and move them around.
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This is a application that is used for composing letters, writing reports, and presenting typed material
Data Base
Word processor
Web Browser
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What is the name of the most common Office Suite. This contains Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, and Power point.
Microsoft Windows
Microsoft Office
Word Perfect
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This is the device that stores most of the information in a computer
Hard disk
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