Quiz: If You Can Get 10/15 On This Slang Challenge You're A True Southerner


Well, bless yer pea pickin' hearts, just let 'er rip, tater chip.

How well do you actually know southern slang? What does Y'all mean, or skedaddle"? Is all soda "coke" and a shopping cart a buggy?

 Jan 16, 2017
1 of 10What does "His heart is a thumpin' gizzard" mean?
He's sick with a cold
He's warm and nice
He's cold-hearted and cruel
2 of 10What does "He's got a burr in his saddle" mean?
He's feeling happy!
He's in a party mood
He's angry
3 of 10How do you address a group of people?
You all
4 of 10What does "Well that just dills my pickle" mean?
You're very upset
You're bored
You're happy
5 of 10What are "Over-the-shoulder boulder holders"?
A bowling ball
Literally a boulder holder
6 of 10If you say "Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit" you're feeling:
#SteelMagnolias, movies/tv, pop culture, culture
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In love
7 of 10If someone tells you to "skedaddle" what should you do?
#SteelMagnolias, movies/tv, pop culture, culture
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Stay put no matter what
Do a jig or really any dance
Run away!
8 of 10If someone compliments your "britches" they're talking about your:
Steel Magnolias, movies/tv
Suit Jacket
9 of 10How do you pronounce the second syllable in pajamas?
Steel Magnolias, movies/tv
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Sounds like job (PA-Job-MAS)
Sounds like jam (PA-Jam-MAS)
10 of 10Do you pronounce "cot" and "caught" the same way?
Caught = kawt
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