Quiz: If You Can Get 10/15 On This Quiz You Must Be A Nursing Assistant

Are you a CNA?

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 Nov 30, 2016
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Question: 1/10What does CNA stand for?

nurse assistant, culture, career, pop culture
Celebrity nursing association
Certified nursing associate
Certified nursing assistant

Question: 2/10Pick your answer!

Which of the following is an observation to report regarding vital signs?
Dilated pupils
Irregular pulse rhythm

Question: 3/10Pick your answer!

One of your residents hits you frequently. You have had enough of this and decide to put a stop to it. What should you do in the first instance?
Just take it; what else can you do?
Go get restraints so that they can't hit you.
Tell them firmly not to hit you.

Question: 4/10Pick your answer!

With today's health risks, for which task should a nursing assistant wear gloves?
helping to dress a wound
all of these

Question: 5/10Pick your answer!

Many people, particularly older people, go to what kind of healthcare facility after they are discharged from a hospital after a stroke?
A hospice
A subacute care center
A respite center

Question: 6/10Pick your answer!

Who developed the Hierarchy of Needs?

Question: 7/10Pick your answer!

What does ADL stand for?
Activity of daily living
After Dinner Leave
Anti diagnostic league

Question: 8/10Pick your answer!

Mrs. Smith is having a hard breathing, what should you do?
Sit her in a upright position
Tell her to take deep breathes
Call the doctor right away

Question: 9/10Pick your answer!

C-diff' is spread by what?

Question: 10/10Pick your answer!

Mr. Jones is complaining that he is dizzy, what should you have him do?
Tell him that everything is ok
Put his head in between legs
Ask him whats wrong
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