Quiz: Can You Answer 22 Basic Vitamin Questions Every Human Should Know?

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What are electrolytes responsible for?

What does it mean when a vitamin is fat soluble? What causes a vitamin K deficiency? What does Vitamin C do for the human body? Why we need vitamins?

 Nov 22, 2016
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What foods are a goods source of potassium?
Wheat Bread
Red Meat
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What is true of water-soluble vitamins?
They need to be taken in large doses
They are stored in the liver
They are not stored in the body
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Vitamin A is important in:
Maintaining healthy skin
Helping the eyes adapt in dim light
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Vitamin E is responsible for:
Destroying vitamin
Protecting red blood cells from bursting
Oxidizing polyunsaturated fatty acids
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If a person has vitamin K deficiency, which of the following is likely to occur?
Formation of blood clots
Excessive bleeding
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A person who consumes the recommended amounts of milk or milk products will have an adequate intake of:
Vitamins D and B2
Vitamin A
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Which of the following is true of vitamins?
Are necessary for proper growth and development
Are needed in large amounts
Are all synthesized in the body
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Vitamin C is:
Stored in the body
Found in bread and cereal
Involved in the conversion of folate to folic acid
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Which of the following is not a good source of vitamin A?
Dark-green, leafy vegetables
Orange, vegetables, and fruits
Whole Wheat Bread
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Inadequate iodine intake leads to:
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Electrolytes are responsible for:
Hormone levels
Blood sugar levels
Acid-base balance
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What is true of vitamin B12?
Is present in large amounts in green, leafy vegetables
Requires intrinsic factor secreted in the stomach to aid its absorption
Prevents goiter
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Iron absorption can be improved by
Consuming foods high in vitamin A
Eating high-iron foods with meat and foods high in vitamin c
Drinking milk daily
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Excess amounts of this can cause skin to turn yellow
Vitamin A
Vitamin K
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What vitamin is obtained from the sun?
Vitamin B
Vitamin D
Vitamin E
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Deficiency causes pernicious anemia
Vitamin C
Vitamin D
Vitamin B12
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Helps on formation of hemoglobin
Vitamin E
Vitamin B12
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Transmits nerve impulses; found in large amounts in apricots, legumes, and potatoes
Vitamin D
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Essential for healing, immune function, and taste acuity
Vitamin C
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Helps muscles to contract and relax, thereby helping to regulate heartbeat
Vitamin D
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Along with potassium, plays a role in fluid balance
Vitamin K
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What does citrus juice have a lot of?
Vitamin C
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