Quiz: Can You Answer These Street Smarts Questions Every Human Should Know?

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How good are your street smarts?

What are things that every human should know? What are basic common sense street smarts every human should have?

 Nov 22, 2016
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If someone comes up and points a gun at you, and says, "Give me your Money! ", and you have no weapon, what do you do?
Give him the money that you have
Fight him
Ignore him
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Where is Switzerland?
Australia and Oceania
South America
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What is a USB, San Disk, or Harddrive?
A device for storing computer information
A Nuclear Reactor
Kitchen Cutlery
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What is Buddhism?
A Religion.
A Feeling
A facial expression.
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If you had to choose between the survival of you and the one person you like the most in the whole world and the rest of the world, which one would it be?
Only the person I like the most
The rest of the world
Only me
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When you walk to your car, where are your keys?
I have no idea.
Somewhere in my purse.
In my hands.
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Your car is in the repair shop. You need a ride somewhere, so you:
Hitchhike to catch a ride.
Walk to my destination by myself.
Take a uber, taxi or bus.
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You're staying in a motel. Which room do you request?
A room on the ground floor.
A room near the emergency exit.
A room near the elevator.
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