Quiz: Can You Actually Name 10/15 Of The Greatest Hits From 1984?

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1984.....It's After Midnight And Something Evil's Lurking In the Dark.

Can You Name All 15 Of These 1984 Hits? The year of Michael Jackson's "Thriller, Cyndi Lauper's "Time After Time" the "Ghost Buster's"Theme!

 Aug 07, 2017
1 of 15Name the song!
"Kick off your Sunday shoes, Oo-wee, Marie, shake it, shake it for me"
"Footloose" - Kenny Loggins
"Cruel Summer" - Bananarama
"Cum On Feel The Noize" - Quiet Riot
2 of 15Name the song!
"In the midnight hour she cried, "more, more, more""
"Miss Me Blind" - Culture Club
"Owner Of A Lonely Heart" - Yes
"Rebel Yell" - Billy Idol
3 of 15Name the song!
"And I know, I know, I know, I know, I know, I want you"
"Jump" - Van Halen
"Caribbean Queen" - Billy Ocean
"I'm So Excited" - Pointer Sisters
4 of 15Name the song!
"I hear the secrets that you keep"
"Talking In Your Sleep" - Romantics
"Night Ranger" - Sister Christian
"Eyes Without A Face" - Billy Idol
5 of 15Name the song!
"Walk with me, like lovers do, talk to me, like lovers do"
"Here Comes The Rain Again" - Eurythmics
"Twist of Fate" - Olivia Newton-John
"Tonight" - Kool And The Gang
6 of 15Name the song!
"I made it through the wilderness, somehow I made it through, didn't know how lost I was, until I found you"
"Borderline" - Madonna
"Like A Virgin" - Madonna
"Round And Round" - Ratt
7 of 15Name the song!
"It's close to midnight and something evil's lurking, in the dark"
"Thriller" - Michael Jackson
"Wrapped Around Your Finger" - Police
"Pink Houses" - John Cougar Mellencamp
8 of 15Name the song!
"If there's something strange, in your neighborhood, who you gonna call?"
"The Glamorous Life" - Sheila E.
"Nobody Told Me" - John Lennon
"Ghostbusters" - Ray Parker Jr.
9 of 15Name the song!
"All I know is that to me, you look like you're having fun. open up your lovin' arms, watch out here I come"
"You Spin Me Round" - Dead Or Alive
"Lucky Star" - Madonna
"Cover Me" - Bruce Springsteen
10 of 15Name the song!
"Lying in my bed I hear the clock tick, and think of you"
"Hold Me Now' - Thompson Twins
"Time After Time" - Cyndi Lauper
"Adult Education" - Daryl Hall and John Oates
11 of 15Name the song!
"No New Year's Day to celebrate, no chocolate covered candy hearts to give away"
"Dance Hall Days" - Wang Chung
"I Just Called To Say I Love You" - Stevie Wonder
"Church Of The Poison Mind" - Culture Club
12 of 15Name the song!
"She's been living in her white bread world, as long as anyone with hot blood can, and now she's looking for a downtown man, that's what I am"
"Sad Songs (Say So Much)" - Elton John
"Uptown Girl" - Billy Joel
"Drive" - Cars
13 of 15Name the song!
"Is it me you're looking for? I can see it in your eyes, I can see it in your smile"
"Say Say Say" - Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson
"Hello" - Lionel Richie
"99 Luftballons" - Nena
14 of 15Name the song!
"We are young, heartache to heartache, we stand"
"Eyes Without A Face" - Billy Idol
"Against All Odds" - Phil Collins
"Love Is A Battlefield" - Pat Benatar
15 of 15Name the song!
"Maybe you're just like my mother, she's never satisfied, why do we scream at each other, this is what it sounds like"
"When Doves Cry" - Prince
"Laura Branigan" - Self Control
"Lets Go Crazy" - Prince and The Revolution
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