Only 1 in 50 Catholics Can Ace This Fill-In-The-Blank Test. Can You?

May the Holy Spirit be with you!

Test your knowledge on traditional catholic conventions like religious holidays, church practices and bible stories.

 Mar 02, 2018
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When does lent occur?
Before Thanksgiving
Before Christmas
Before Easter
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What is the name of the last Pope?
Benedict XVI
John John
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What color represents Ordinary Time on the liturgical calendar?
Hot Pink
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What does Palm Sunday represent?
Jesus' arrival in Jerusalem
Moses' talk with the Burning Bush
Jesus' birth
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When does Advent occur?
Before Christmas
Before Easter
After Christmas
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Which of these is NOT a disciple?
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Name the birthplace of the current Pope, Francis.
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Finish the line of this prayer: Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done
Give us this day our daily bread
On Earth as it is in Heaven
On Earth, forever more
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Where do the ashes from the Ash Wednesday service come from?
Burned priest robes
They are different in every church
Blessed palms from the previous Palm Sunday
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Name the tax collector from the bible who was chased up a tree.
Mary Magdalene
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Determining your true beliefs can be intimidating, and difficult, especially when there are so many different denominations of similar overarching religions. In the case of Christianity, there are more than 12 different dioceses to choose from! You can be a catholic, a southern baptist, a protestant, a roman catholic, an Anglican, and a Jehovah's witness all while still being a Christian!

Though all forms of Christianity do have certain similarities each branch of the Church has it’s own particularities. In the case of catholicism, there are subtle yet important differences between all of the different branches, and knowing those differences is critical to knowing which denomination of the church is right for you. These differences can help you decide if you belong in the catholic church, the southern baptist church, the protestant church, or many of the other variations of the Christian faith. This quiz will provide you with the ultimate opportunity to test your knowledge of the catholic faith, to see if you really do know those subtle differentiations that set your religion apart!

A true catholic will know all of the tenants of the catholic faith. For example, real Catholics know exactly what the 7 commandments of the catholic faith are, and the precise order in which they arrive in a Catholic’s lifetime. Further, a true catholic will also be well versed in the common hymnals, prayers, and preachings of the catholic church as they differ from other branches of the Christian faith. Do you think you can spot all of these critical tenants of the catholic faith?This quiz will test your knowledge on a wide variety of Catholic knowledge to see if you really are a true Catholic!

This quiz will test your general knowledge of Catholicism with more general questions like “when does lent occur?” and “which of these is NOT a disciple?” But that isn’t all it takes to be a true catholic! This quiz delves even deeper into the intricacies of the catholic faith and asks truly difficult, yet critical, questions such as “what colour represents Ordinary Time on the liturgical calendar?” and “Name the tax collector from the bible who was chased up a tree.” This quiz truly tests your deepest knowledge of the catholic faith to determine exactly how true a catholic you really are.

Being a true catholic, you have immense pride in your faith and your devotion to that faith. That’s why we’re certain that after taking this quiz you’ll have renewed confidence in the depth of your servitude to the lord. Being a true catholic is a special way of living and not everyone can do it, it takes a special person to truly devote themselves wholly to the lord and his service, and this quiz will remind you what an honour that sacrifice is.

Click the ‘play’ button to begin this quiz and challenge your knowledge of all things Catholic! We’re sure by the end of this quiz you’ll be bursting to share your wisdom with all of your friends. You are a true catholic after all!