You've Been Picking Your Pineapples All Wrong!

It's all in the eyes!

Let’s talk about pineapples and how you choose a good one!

I heard this tip from my boyfriend's sister and it changed my pineapple picking FOREVER! I later verified this trick with Dole (the biggest grower of pineapples ever.)

Some folks say to look for the color, while some say smell or to pull a leaf from the crown. HOWEVER Dole says neither of these matter, and suggests (and I live by this advice now) to look at the size of the eyes. You know, the little fish scale looking things on the outside. A ripe pineapple will have eyes that are the same size at the top and at the bottom. Underripe pineapples will have smaller scales or eyes at the top and larger ones at the bottom.

But not all of the other testing mechanisms are wrong. A good tip that still holds true for all fruit is that you should choose the heaviest one for its size. Heavy means juicy.

And obviously, the crown or leaves should be nice and plump, not all wilted. And it shouldn't smell pungent or be soft. These are both signs that it's been sitting on the shelf too long!

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