Your Zodiac Signs Travel Horoscope: Where Are The Stars Pointing You?

Find Out! What vacation spots are best for your zodiac sign?

Travel because it sets you free! All of us look for that one chance to pack our bags, chalk out a destination and escape to the mountains, the oceans or the waterfalls. While you make your plans, have you ever wondered your horoscope has a lot to say about your travel habits and where you should go? Surprising and intriguing, isn't it? It is time you know the things that your travel horoscope say:

Aries: Born to Travel

If your zodiac sign is Aries, you are made to travel and explore the world. It comes very naturally to you. You are naturally adventurous, outgoing and strong willed. You love to be on the move and the most ideal vacation destinations for you are:

  • North Korea
  • Villages on Bulgaria's the Black Sea,
  • Myanmar's valley of Bagan
  • Guatemala's Tikal in Latin America & the Caribbean

Taurus: Cautious travellers

Taurus are cautious planners and don't like to take a last minute trip. They like to be aware of what will happen next and the details of their trip. They enjoy natural settings and like to travel slow so as to soak in every sight. Their excitement lies in planning the trip, more than the trip itself. The ideal vacation destinations for a Taurus are:

  • Ireland
  • The Ocean House in Watch Hill, Rhode Island
  • Rhode Island in United States
  • Willamette Valley in United States

Gemini: On the Move

Geminis, your travel horoscope says that you need to be on the move always with lightest baggage possible. You are a social butterfly who loves to interact with people and this trait shines best while you travel. You are open to making friends across the globe! The ideal vacation destinations for you are:

  • Croatia
  • Berlin
  • Rome

Cancer: Travel only with friends and family

Cancerians are attached to their comfort zones and will not come out of that. When they choose to travel, it is only with close friends and family to places that are familiar with the comforts of home. Ideal vacation destinations for Cancerians are:

  • A lakeside villa in Italy
  • Abacos, The Out Islands of the Bahamas
  • Magic Kingdom Park in Orlando

Leo: Luxury Travellers

Being a Leo is all about Royalty and living life king size. When a Leo travels, luxury is priority and bookings are first-class all the way. They don't understand roughing it out as they see themselves as superstars. The ideal vacation destinations are:

  • New York City – New York Holiday Packages
  • France – France tour packages
  • Los Angeles
  • Ibiza

Virgo: Systematic traveller

For the Virgo, just any trip won't work. They are highly critical and analytical and as they plan a trip, it will include a religious schedule with maps and charts. They are systematic travelers and don't like any bit of their travel haywire. Ideal vacation destinations include:

  • Italy
  • Paris
  • America

Libra: Easy going traveller

Librans are easy going and sociable. They enjoy a trip when they see their companions enjoying. When they plan a trip, they will weave together a mix of your and their own interests. Ideal travel vacations are:

  • Mexico
  • England
  • Edgartown

Scorpio: The offbeat traveller

Scorpions love new places and new people. They are automatically drawn to destinations that are uncharted. Their itinerary will be full of life changing experiences. Ideal vacation destinations include:

  • Tanzania, Eastern Africa
  • Corumbau, Brazil
  • Crater Lake, United States

Sagittarius: Insightful traveller

Sagittarians are on a quest for knowledge, for learning something new and this reflects in their travel horoscope. They look for experiences more than sights, something that has a deeper meaning. Ideal vacation destinations are

  • Istanbul
  • Mongolia
  • Mexico
  • Iceland

Capricorn: Ambitious traveller

This sign is all about conquering and being ambitious. Their travel plan will have the world wonders and places that most people are afraid to go. They prefer few wonderful trips over many mediocre trips. Ideal vacation destinations are:

  • Russia
  • Japan
  • Prague
  • Hawaii

Aquarius: Compassionate traveller

Aquarians are affected by injustice. They find joy in volunteering for different movements and causes. Their travel plans are made on the basis of experiencing something new and at the same time doing some good. The ideal vacation destinations are:

  • Brazil
  • Bolivia
  • Finland
  • Madrid
  • London

Pisces: The one with a flexible itinerary

Pisces love freedom and find peace in exploration. When they travel, they don't like a fixed itinerary. They like to alter plans as per what intrigues them on the trip. Ideal vacation destinations include:

  • Fiji in South Pacific
  • Croatia
  • Mexico
  • Maui, Central Pacific

Your travel horoscope has brought you to acknowledge the type of traveller you are and the destinations that are best for you. So, what are you waiting for? Get, set, packing and discover how accurate your travel horoscope is!


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