Your FOMO Is Making You Successful

Be Proud Of Your JOMO.

Why Success Always Starts with FOMO:

There is no person who has become wildly successful who hasn't discussed the sacrifices they had to make in order for that success to be realized. Every yes can also be seen as a no. Whether it's a person, career, or even a party that you're saying no to, realize that by saying no you're also saying yes to something else.

However, the sooner we realize that, the sooner we can put FOMO in its rightful place.

If you haven't heard of FOMO yet, you may live under a rock, but it's all good, it's simply an acronym for the "Fear of Missing Out." This fear is normal and understandable, but in order to grab hold of our successes, we need to realize that all successful people have had to deal with FOMO.

Don't you think Albert Einstein had to turn down a few parties because he was busy staying up late working on his "theory of relativity?" Do you think after all the crap he got from friends, he said to himself that transforming theoretical physics for mankind wasn't worth the FOMO?

Often in life we're presented with opportunities that seem equally appealing and we just simply can't do both. Enough with the FOMO people. Stop worrying about what you're missing, life is always going to be a constant buffet of choices and you gotta pick and choose or you're sure to get a stomach ache.

Ditch the fomo, Embrace the jomo:

If you haven't heard of JOMO yet, it's just the opposite of FOMO, it translates to the "Joy of Missing Out." Whether you have to choose between parties, or taking a hot bath instead of going to the bars with friends, realize that life is all about balance and when you make a choice, go with it.

Give Yourself the Present of the present - moment, that is.

Countless studies are proving that in order to be happy, which is a basic component of success, that means we have to be more present, you know - - "Be in the now." So, revel in whatever it is you're doing, if you're always worried about what you're not doing, how are you even going to spot the fun that is right infront of you?

It's all in the copy:

Lastly, to quote the late great American writer, Nora Ephron, "Everything is copy." So, FOMO or JOMO? You decide what it's gonna be. If there's anything I've learned after 30 years on this crazy little rock hurling through space, it's that life is short, but it's wide and you can find fear in almost anything, but you can also make joy from nothing.

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