Will & Grace: How To Watch Old Episodes Online? | 2017

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Find out! Will & Grace: How To Watch Old Episodes Online?

Will & Grace: How To Watch Old Episodes Online? | 2017:

'Will & Grace' returns on NBC Sept. 28th, 9/8c and a lot of fans are wondering, how to watch old episodes of 'Will & Grace' online? Most fans are already looking for a way to catch up on seasons 1-8 before the new season 9 premiere and you're not alone if you're having trouble finding the old episodes.

'Will & Grace' fans can rejoice! NBC announced in their latest press release on September of this year, that "Will & Grace" will have a 16-episode run for Season 9 and also a second 13-episode season to follow. The 'Will & Grace' Season 9 opener starts with episode 101, "11 Years Later," and as the title suggests, the show starts 11 years into the future from where the series left off.

However, how do we go back from the future, to watch the old episodes of 'Will & Grace'?

Where To Watch Will & Grace And Stream All Old Seasons On-Demand | 2017:

Will & Grace fans rejoice! NBC just announced that for the first time ever, you will be able to stream all old seasons of Will & Grace. We repeat: ALL 194 episodes of the Emmy Award-winning show are finally going to be available!

The episodes will be available to stream online and on-demand starting Thursday, September 21, on Hulu, the NBC app and your cable's on-demand service. The release comes just in time for the series' return and season 9 premiere on Thursday, September 28, at 9 p.m. ET on NBC — so you can clear your schedule and spend this next week binging on the first 8 seasons. (Trust us, you won't regret it.)

All The Ways To Stream Old Episodes Of Will & Grace:

Ever since NBC announced the new season of Will & Grace, we've been feverishly searching for ways to catch up on old episodes, but the first 8 seasons have been nearly impossible to find. Even purchasing DVDs of the hit series was difficult. But this is all a worry of the past, now that NBC will be gracing us with the series in its entirety.

Watch 'Will & Grace' Season 1-8 On Hulu:

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Hulu will be the exclusive subscription on-demand partner with NBC for the original 8 seasons of Will & Grace. Translation: Netflix and Amazon Prime will not be streaming old episodes of the hit sitcom. Head over to Hulu to set up your subscription, if you don't already have one.

Watch Old 'Will & Grace' Seasons 1-8 On The NBC App:

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The series will also be viewable on the NBC App and on-demand with your cable subscription.

The NBC App is available for iPhone/iOS users and for Android users. Check with your cable provider to determine whether you have VOD capabilities.

Will & Grace will be returning for season 9 with 16 brand-new episodes starting on Thursday, September 28, at 9 p.m. ET on NBC, with Will, Grace, Karen and Jack jumping 11 years into the future in an episode appropriately titled, "11 Years Later". The network has already confirmed season 10 will follow with 13 additional new episodes.

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