Why Your Man Finishing In 20 Seconds Is Actually Really Great For You


"Tell her you're impotent. She can't wait to disprove it."

At first it was hard coming up with a good angle for why your boyfriend cuming in 20 seconds was really a good thing, because typically when we think of good sex, it is anything but 20 seconds.

I don't doubt a man's ability to ejaculate quickly, but having sex, when done right is an art and if you have the right partner, they'll make it a much longer affair - - whether they have already come or not!

Perhaps this is a way to spot one of those rare "good guys," that realizes sex doesn't end just because he's cum? AND, just because he's cum, doesn't mean he can't do other things to make you feel good and finish the act.

Another reason it's a good thing your man "can" cum in 20 seconds is because it's clear that your partner can be easily aroused by you! Also, just because he can, doesn't mean he does, it just means it's possible.

Let's not be coy ladies, let's be truthful. Don't we really take arousal as a challenge to our skills at female seduction? Isn't your man's quick arousal REALLY always a compliment. I mean, Cary Grant said, "To succeed with the opposite sex, tell her you're impotent. She can't wait to disprove it." If you're still not sure if this is true, how would you feel about things going the other way around? I know I'd much prefer a quick arousal to wondering if I'm the reason he can't seem to get it up.

As long as when you get it on, you're getting off, realize that your partner's still taking care of you, even if he cums in 20 seconds 😉. So, maybe your partner just has a healthy sex drive, take it as a compliment and reassure him that it's nothing he should be ashamed of.

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