Why Is The Same Person Always At The Top Of My Instagram Story Views?

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Find out! Why Is The Same Person Always At The Top Of My Instagram Story Views?

Why Is The Same Person Always At The Top Of My Instagram Story Views?

A lot of Instagram users are wondering: What is the same person always at the top of my Instagram story views?

While we may never fully understand the secrets of how Instagram algorithm really works, we do know that Instagram uses its top secret metrics and user activity data to customize how your personal Instagram feed is presented to you.

AND, there are ways of telling how Instagram sorts users and content for you based on whose information you're being shown. it's shocking actually, just how​ much you can really tell about who views and interacts with your account when you know how to look at the information you're being shown!


Here's Why The Same Person Is Always At The Top Of Your Instagram Story Views:

The TWO Main Ways Instagram Determines Your Story Viewer List Order:

  • 1. Stories list order is in reverse chronological order until the viewers reach more than 50.

Once the views on a post reach more than 50 however, Instagram then prioritizes viewer order by other metrics.

  • 2. After 50 story viewers, Instagram then prioritizes who interacts with YOUR Instagram account most.

Based on several tests, online sources (particularly in the Reddit community), it would seem to suggest that whoever visits your profile the most (not necessarily likes, comments, or tags you in posts), will be at the top of your Instagram story viewer list. So, profile views are given the heaviest weight in this equation.

Back in March of 2017 Tech Crunch reported that Instagram would be switching its feed from chronological to best posts first similar to Facebook's algorithm.

Instagram also publically announced back in 2016 that rather than list content and user history in strictly reverse chronological order, it now prioritizes content and other lists "based on the likelihood you'll be interested in the content, your relationship with the person posting and the timeliness of the post."

Basically, Instagram mainly sorts the order of story viewers based on the activity of that user with your account. So, even if you have no interaction with a user on Instagram but they still frequently view your profile that user can show up surprisingly at the top of your Instagram story viewers.

Also, if you have more unanswered Instagram questions you can always go directly to the source for answers by going to Instagram's Help Center.

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