Why Did Taylor Swift Delete Her Instagram Photos?

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Find out! Why Did Taylor Swift Delete Her Instagram Photos?

Why Did Taylor Swift Delete Her Instagram Photos?

Taylor Swift's creating quite a buzz on social media this morning and her Twitter fans are in shock! Fans are asking: Why did Taylor Swift delete her Instagram photos?

Early this Friday, Swift unexpectedly deleted all of her Instagram posts. The singer also unfollowed EVERYONE she was following and deleted her profile picture?! What's the deal Taylor?!

A lot of fans are worried that perhaps Taylor Swifts Instagram and other social media accounts have been hacked?

See her updated Instagram profile below or check it out firsthand here.


It turns out the star hasn't just deleted her Instagram account, she also deleted her Twitter profile photo as well. However, her tweets are still there... at least for now.

There has been no official comments made by Swift at this time to explain why she has so greatly modified her social media presence. Breaking updates to follow as more information becomes available!

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