Why Can't I See Someone's Activity That I Am Following On Instagram?

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Do you suspect you're somehow being hidden from seeing a followers activity on Instagram?

There are a lot of unanswered Instagram questions circulating around the internet regarding Instagram privacy and hidden follower activity.

A lot of these questions seem to be on quora.com message boards, with questions like, "Why can't I see someone's activity that I am following on Instagram?"

Good question, why can't you? If you're here because you're hunting for answers, you are definitley NOT alone. A lot of Instagram users are starting to notice a lack of activity showing up for certain user accounts they follow and it just doesn't make sense. Like, what if a someone you follow JUST liked a new post of yours, they should 100% show up in your following activity... but, what if they don't?

Whether you're a paranoid girlfriend, snoopy ex or maybe you just want to hide this activity on your own account, there is an answer to this mystery.

Someone You Follow Probably Has A Third Party App Like InstagramPrivacy+:


All signs seems to point to this follower using a third party Instagram apps to hide their activity. While, there is no way to directly hide your following activity from followers within Instagram, there is a way to do it if you use the third party app, like InstagramPrivacy+.

InstagramPrivacy+ enables you to activate a hidden privacy mode on your Instagram profile, which allows you to hide your activity data (likes, comments, new follows, etc.).

If You Want To Hide Your Activity Data, Here Are The Steps:

  • Download the InstagramPrivacy+ app on your phone.

  • Open InstagramPrivacy+ and and tap on “Enable Hidden Privacy Mode”.

  • Hit Yes to the confirmation message.

  • Now your Instagram will run in the "privacy mode" and your activity is hidden from other people.

  • To Exit Privacy mode, just disable privacy mode from the InstaPrivacy app.

Do you think someone has blocked you from seeing their Instagram activity? Let us know in the comments below! We're always looking for new Instagram tips, tricks and insights!

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Do you suspect you're somehow being hidden from seeing a following activity and likes on Instagram? Let us know in the comment section below! We're always looking for new Instagram tips, tricks or insights!

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