Why Can't I See Someone's Activity That I Am Following On Instagram?


Do you suspect you're somehow being hidden from seeing a followers activity on Instagram? Are you wondering where your "following feed" went?

Are you wondering why you can no longer access the Following Tab under your Activity on Instagram? You're not the only one.

Well Instagram users, it's official. As of this week (October 7, 2019), Instagram has completely removed its Following Tab from the app. According to BuzzFeed News, Instagram's head of product, Vishal Shah, confirmed the rollout of the removal, saying that the feature was often the source of "unwelcome surprises" and furthermore most users may not even know the tab existed.

So for those of you who have been missing out on this little feature for the past 8 years, we'll explain. The Following tab could be found under your "Activity" section. Once in Activity where you see your likes, follows, etc, you would swipe over to see the "activity" of the accounts you follow. The feed would show you random real-time activity such as likes, follows, and comments, from accounts you follow. It's no surprise that this feed often led to some unwarranted discoveries, but it also led to many beneficial ones! Instagram users will now have to make these discoveries through their explore tab or just regular feed.

While many of us are devastated by the removal of this enlightening feature, we understand that it's for the best. Apparently "simplicity was the driving factor" in this decision, according to Shah, and with Instagram becoming more advanced, it was time to take away some of the clutter, especially widely unused features such as the Following Tab.

But for those of us who did love the Following Tab, we will never forget.

RIP Following Tab



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