Jane Fonda Was Absolutely Stunning At This Years 2017 Emmys. The Actress Has Been Open About Her Well Executed Plastic Surgery, But Who Is Jane Fonda's Plastic Surgeon?

Who Is Jane Fonda's Plastic Surgeon? Jane Fonda Stunning At 2017 Emmys

Jane Fonda was a red carpet stunner at this years 2017 Emmys!

Jane Fonda Was Stunning At This Years 2017 Emmys. Who Is Jane Fonda's Plastic Surgeon?

At this years 2017 Emmy Awards, Jane Fona's red carpet appearance proves that perhaps 79 is the new 40?

Her stunning appearance has fans and followers of the beauty world wondering, what is Fonda's anti-aging beauty regime and who is Jane Fonda's plastic surgeon? Jane Fonda 2017 Emmys red carpet entrace was one to remember.

On Sunday's red carpet, the actress was styled by Tanya Gill. Fonda arrived in a custom hot pink gown with a waterfall-back by Brandon Maxwell. She stunned photographers and fans on the red carpet, not only with her new look, but with her amazingly youthful appearance.

Recently, Jane Fonda has had a career resurgence thanks to her hit Netflix show "Grace & Frankie," where she stars opposite Lily Tomlin.

Finally, Fonda also provided an epic fashion statement fit for the queen that she is, when she finished off her gown with a $1.75 million dollar necklace she wore.... backwards.

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The Answer:

There are still no reports of which doctors have specifically helped Jane Fonda with her plastic surgery. However, according to an article written by the dailymail.co.uk, a lot of plastic surgeons have weighed in on what kind of surgery she most likely HAS had done.


Unlike her co-stars, Jane has admitted to having plastic surgery. In 2010, she said:

‘I've had work done on my chin and neck and had the bags taken away from under my eyes.' Experts reckon she's had replacement dermal fillers in her cheeks as recently as six months ago. These cost in the region of £800 ($1,230) and should be replenished every nine months.

‘Plastic surgery in the Eighties was more aggressive than it is now, involving pulling the skin and removing tissues,' says Dr Costas Papageorgiou, a leading facial plastic surgeon in London's Marylebone. ‘She may have had quite harsh work done then that she is trying to soften. She's definitely had fillers in her cheeks to round them out.'


Even that soft fringe can't disguise Jane's line-free forehead. Closer inspection reveals not a single furrow on her brow.

Dr Ayham Al-Ayoubi, one of Britain's leading plastic surgeons, from the London Medical and Aesthetic Clinic on Harley Street, says her grin gives the game away. ‘Jane has definitely had Botox in her forehead, as it's so smooth and wrinkle-free — even when she's smiling.'

To keep those stubborn lines away, she'd need to repeat this treatment, which costs £350 ($535), every four to five months.


Seen here in profile, Jane has a small nose that is turned up at the end. Though it looks natural, Dr Al-Ayoubi says it bears clear marks of having been worked on.

‘The nasal bridge is extremely straight and the tip is very defined, so it looks artificial,' he says. ‘I would say she's had rhinoplasty [a nose job], whereby it has been reconstructed and made slightly smaller.' Cost: £7,000 ($10,750).


Any other woman of her age would be drowning in crows' feet, but Jane has only a speckling of fine lines around her eyes. This, says aesthetic and anti-ageing specialist Dr Sarah Tonks, suggests she's had a blepharoplasty (eye lift) in her upper and lower eyelids.

‘This is when they cut the excess skin from her upper and lower lids to make it tighter around the eye. It has a lifting effect, getting rid of bags and dark circles.' Cost: £5,000 ($7,650).

Jane's smile looks as if it hasn't changed a bit since she starred with Robert in the 1967 romantic comedy Barefoot In The Park. But it's unlikely her grin has remained so dazzling without help.

Dr Tim Bradstock-Smith, a leading cosmetic dentist at the London Smile Clinic, says: ‘Jane looks as if she's had veneers to create her Hollywood smile. If these are upper and lower, they would cost in the region of £16,000 ($24,600).'


‘If you look closely, you can see the shadow of the filler in her lips,' says Dr Al-Ayoubi. ‘In other photographs, there are microscopic lumps visible, showing she's had it relatively recently.'

Such fillers contain hyaluronic acid, a skin-plumping chemical found naturally in the body. Their effect is temporary, lasting up to six months, so maintaining this look requires repeated procedures, costing £450 ($690) a session.


While others her age may suffer from saggy, crepe-like skin on the chin and neck, Jane boasts a smooth, silky decolletage, which she shows off in her sparkling jacket. ‘It looks as if she's had a face and neck lift — at least twice and maybe more,' says Dr Tonks.

Taut skin is achieved by repeating the procedure, which costs £10,000 ($15,350), every five to ten years. ‘She's gone for a more augmented look than the other two. Her skin should be drooping in this area — and this is normally a bad patch as it can't be covered by make-up — but instead she looks phenomenal.'

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