The Name Of Who Theon Beat Up In the Game of Thrones Finale Seems To Keep Slipping Our Minds...

Who Theon Beat Up In the Game of Thrones Finale, theon, Harrag

What's his name again? You know, the guy who Theon beat up in the GOT finale?

The Game of Thrones finale proved to be a possible redemptive moment for Theon Greyjoy. He decided to start a fight to save his sister and almost died, but who did Theon beat up in the Game of Thrones finale?

Theon Greyjoy has pretty much been on most GOT fans perminent shit list, especially after he abandoned his older sister Yara to die at sea earlier this season...However, there was a defining moment for Theon in Episode 7 "The Dragon and the Wolf" finale.

Theon talks to Jon in the dragon throne room and they have an intense conversation that basically ends with Theon rushing off to save Yara after Jon was a badass as per usual.

Theon decides, for real this time, to do what is right, even if that means the probable loss of his life in the process. Leaving Yara on the boat this season was the act of cowardice that was the straw that broke the camels back for Theon. I mean, Yara was the only one willing to risk her life to save him from Ramsay "Satan" Bolton." and he straight up looked her in the eye and abandoned her!

When Theon finds the rest of his sister's men on the beach he get's into a deadly fight because they refuse his request to help fight to save Yara.

But Who Is The Man That Theon Fights?

Harrag, is his name, and he is an Ironborn raider who was loyal to Yara as his queen before Euron. Harrag was also on the ship when Euron attacked and takes Yara. He is also the one who finds Theon after he jumps off the ship to save himself...

So, frankly, Harrag has a right to kind of not want anything to do with Theon.

However, true to the Iron Islands way, if you want to be respected and heard, you have to prove it.

During this fight Harrag keeps knocking Theon down and even threatens to kill him should he get back up and keep trying to fight. But Theon keeps getting up somehow, and honestly, for a minute there, it really seems like this was the end for Theon. Right?

But, Theon just won't stay down and the fight ultimately ends when Harrag trys to knee punch Theon in his groin... BUT joke's on you Harrag - Theon's got no balls to even punch!

Theon is able to get in a few good blows and knocks Harrag out cold before he can even realize what was going on.

Theon then tells the other Iron Born men on the beach that they are all going to save his sister and it's not for him, it's "For Yara!" he yells. Then the men yell, "Yara!"

Bout dang time Theon...

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