The White Dragon Spits Blue Flames Of Either Ice or Fire In The GOT Season 7 Finale

Will The White Walker Dragon Spit Ice or Fire?

SO....Does The White Dragon Spit Blue Ice Or Blue Fire?

When it comes to a finale, the Game of Thrones, 'The Dragon and the Wolf,' was an epic end to Season 7, but many GOT fans have questions, specifically about the magical psychics of how the wall was destroyed and, does the White Dragon spit blue ice or blue fire?

The end of Season 7 was no cliffhager. There was a great casualty and Viserion's blue flame, be it ice or fire, was the murderers weapon...

RIP wall....

Here you can watch the wall destroyed again...

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SO... Does The White Dragon Spit Blue Ice Or Blue Fire?

Maybe it could it be both? At first a lot of us assumed that it would be a cold ice flame, but maybe that's not true?

Fan Theories About Viserion's Blue Flame:

What we can gather so far is that the blue flame holds a very powerful magic. This magic could be dark "undead" magic or the same magic that the Children of the Forest used when they saved Bran (The Three Eyed Raven) by using blue rocks that turned into blue flame when they hit the ground in the cave last season.

Prior to this season, we didn't have much to go on when it came to ice dragon's, wight dragon's or what their blue fire might actually look like.

The books legend of ice dragon's would make one believe that perhaps Viserion isn't an ice dragon, but something else like a wight dragon.

According to legend, ice dragons breathe "fire" that is so cold it instantly freezes and kills whatever it touches. It's a deep cold not known anywhere else.

Perhaps the white dragon's blue flames were incredibly hot magical flames?

Dayuum. "The Great War," is officially on in Game of Thrones... and besides the fact that the Night King has officially managed to get the army of the dead into Westeros, some of us are still wondering the fanstasy physics of the undead taking down the freaking wall.

The Facts: The Night King rode the wight ice dragon and systematically melted the wall in half. whether it was blue ice or blue fire, let's hope the heroes at Eastwatch had time to get out before Viserion's blue flame hit their end of the Wall....


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