Where Would North Korea Bomb First?


Where would North Korea Bomb first in Guam?

Where Would North Korea Bomb First?

According to CNN, the North Korean military is, "examining the operational plan" to strike areas near the US territory of Guam.

But, where would North Korea Bomb first in Guam?

It is reported that this attack would be from medium-to-long-range strategic ballistic missiles, state-run news agency KCNA said early Wednesday local time and CNN confirmed.

Is Andersen Air Force Base The First North Korea Nuke Location?

Specifically, the statement from CNN mentioned a potential strike on Andersen Air Force Base that would be designed "to send a serious warning signal to the US."

Andersen Air Force Base is one of two on the Pacific island, which are the closest bases on US soil to North Korea.

The North Korea comments regarding the possible attack were published after US President Donald Trump warned Pyongyang that if North Korea continued to threaten the US, it would "face fire and fury like the world has never seen."

Let's sure hope it doesn't come to that...