What Your 90s Tween Bedroom Says About You As A Woman

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From neon green lava lamps to blow up chairs! What tween room did you have?

Here's a list of some of the standard types of 90s tween girl bedrooms, see what they may say about the kind of person YOU were, one of them might have been close to yours!

But, first things first, in the long history of all things BEDROOM, no matter who you are:


However, when you are tween-age, bedrooms are much, MUCH more.

They are a safe haven, often the only place you had to call our own. They were where you built your shrines to the things you loved. Your bedroom was a sanctuary.


#1. The "Type A " Tidy Tween


If you were this 90s tween, you always had the answer to everything. EVERYTHING You prided yourself in being the friend that everyone came to for advice and god forbid if you ever got a B, it was just unheard of. Your Beanie Baby collection was proudly on display in your room, but no one could touch any of them and they were organized on the shelf, prioritized by height and release date.... No one could iron your Hama beads but you and Sea Monkeys were far too wet and messy of a liability to have lying around in your room. You had an actual diary with a lock and key that you meticulously wrote in every night with a crap loads of smelly gel pens. The only clutter that could be found in your room was on your otherwise perfectly arranged desk, and that was just stacks of self made study cards on Lisa Frank stationary.

At some point in High School though, you have the BIG revelation that life is about way more than grades and getting into college. This is when you finally start to loosen up, express yourself and have some freaking fun for crying out loud!

#2. I Can't Find My Cranberries CD - The "Health Hazard"


If this was your room, you probably plastered it floor to sealing with band posters or show flyers. You were your parents worst nightmare. You had no time for the lime green lava lamps or bean bag chairs like others kids your age, you were too busy testing every boundary, even your own!

While you were busy trying to cover every square inch of wall space in your room, or any hint of your female anatomy in those awful 90's JNCO jeans, you later realize that you were just trying to hide yourself, and that was silly because you were a total babe.

#3. "As If" - The Queen & Her Civilized Mess


You were definitely blessed with good genes and a bank account, but that wasn't all there was to you? Was it? You had everything most girls dreamed of, a TV and video player, Spice World the extended edition, fluffy photo frames full of pictures of your BFFs, your celebrity crush and your pets. You had a jewellery tree covered in plastic choker and shell necklaces you bought on vacation and hair cubes from Claire's. If you made a mess by trying on all of your designer dresses, you had a maid that would come to pick them up after you. As a tween, your room was a shrine to who you thought you needed to be so that everyone would like you.

However, as a teenager you learned it was hard to always try to be everything to everyone all the time. This is when you decided to knocked yourself off of the pedestal everyone else put you on and start finding out what really makes you, YOU!

#4. My So Called Room - The Walls Are A Canvas


So you're basically an artist and you don't know it yet. You used to hangout at the local indie record store. You and your friends not only wrote on the walls, but you wrote your "deep" musings in thick permanent marker.... The ceiling of your room was covered in your own hand prints that were a visual representation of the cage you were trying to break free from.

You fell victim to some of the popular fashion trends, I mean you really just liked beaded curtains and squishy notebook key chains, they were fun to squeeze in your hand until they burst....

This is around the time your dad finally took you to the art store and told you that you could buy as many canvases as you wanted to represent whatever cage you were in, just as long as you STOPPED painting the freaking walls!

You probably eventually channelled your tween anarchy into some teenage causal fight against poverty or corruption and while mildly pretentious at least it was for a good cause.

#5. Sporty Spice & Her Basketball Hoop


Your room was sparse, but still had the key items you loved on the wall -- your trophies, your favorite sports heroes, and of course, your mini basketball hoop. You might have a few clothes in a pile on the floor, but they wouldn't stay there for long! You were constantly washing your basketball clothes and running out the door for practice. Your schedule was often packed and you didn't spend as much time in your room as other girls because you were always outside!

High School was where you started calling more of your own shots at home and on the field! You still never got that into decorating your room though, it's just never been your thing.

In Conclusion

Why is this important you might ask? Well, in an attempt to understand the broader 90s tween as a whole you might by chance catch a glimpse into the inner working of someone you've known and love. You see, 90s tweens STILL live among us...

Don't be fooled, they are now carefully disguised as adults in their meticulously decorated homes and apartments, but they know that deep down inside, there's still a 90s angst ridden tween, who is trying to find their place in a world where the dentist never has the right color of braces you want.