What Version of Snapchat Has Snap Map? | Snapchat 2017

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What version of Snapchat has Snap Map?

What Version of Snapchat Has Snap Map? | Snapchat 2017:

Snapchat's June update has left many users with a lot of questions ranging from how to update your Bitmoji to what version of Snapchat has Snap Map? So...

What Version of Snapchat Has Snap Map?

Snapchat's Snap Map feature runs Version If you want to know more about or if you are having issues on how to use Snap Map, you can read: SnapMap Not Working? Here's How To Fix It.

Downloads For The Snapchat App For Android and iPhone Users:


Snap Chat released a press release last Wednesday at 8:00 am saying:

"We've built a whole new way to explore the world! See what's happening, find your friends, and get inspired to go on an adventure! It's easy to get started — just pinch to zoom out and view the Map! You decide if you want to share your location with friends, or simply keep it to yourself with Ghost Mode. If your friends are sharing their location with you, their Actionmoji will appear on the Map. Actionmojis only update when you open Snapchat.

We hope you enjoy the new Map as much as we do! Happy Snapping! - Team Snap"

In the next coming months, ​there is sure to be some cool stuff coming out with this Snapchat update so be sure to check it out, even if you only end up using the Snap Map In Ghost Mode!


Happy Snapping!

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