What To Tell People Who Say 'You Have To' Accept Donald Trump As President


But, do I?


Now that Donald Trump has been officially sworn in as president, there is a lot of opposition coming from Trump supports and others in the country who think that everyone should "just accept" him and move on.

Even worse, simply because he is president we're told that he "deserves" our respect. Let us not forget that Donald Trump was only elected by 25% of our country's population, and while respect for the president has been the status quo, this particular election has been an anomalous event in American history.

Never before in the United States has there been a presidency so vehemently opposed by the population. SO opposed, that an inauguration was followed by record breaking world wide protests.

The Women's March On Washington, was itself an anomalous event, with over one million of our countries population picketing, including sister marches that took place all over the world in support.


It may have been the norm to respect a president even when you oppose him in the past, but times are changing, this election has deviated far from any "norm" we have ever experienced.

Why should we be expected to blindly support a president that openly degrades women and minorities? Why should we be expected to accept a president whose actions exemplify not only a lack of morality, but a denial of the truth, a disrespect for our countries diverse history and any modest presidential formality?

So, when someone tells you that you "have to accept" AND "respect" Donald Trump as president, tell them that respect is earned and you will consider giving your respect when he shows equal respect and acceptance of you.

Good leaders respect those they serve as humans, regardless of whether they agree with all of their personal or political affiliations. When Trump respects minorities as humans. When Trump respects women's bodies as their own. When Trump respects his own title and country by acting like a president. THEN, he might be able to EARN some of that respect, to which, he currently does not deserve at all.

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