What Is Instagram Favorites? | Instagram 2017 Update

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Find out! What Is Instagram favorites?

What Is Instagram Favorites? | Instagram July 2017 Update

Instagram just launched it 'Favorites' list update this July 2017. But, what is Instagram favorites?

What Is Instagram Favorites And How Will It Change Instagram Finsta Accounts?


Instagram Favorites will allow users to share pictures to private groups of friends in their regular image feed. These favorites group can be as large or small as you like. Favorites will give users more flexibility over creating friends groups where pictures can be shared to an ever customizable list of friends based on the user's preference.

Instagram 'Favorites' list was developed largely in response to the ever growing trend for some users "Finstagram" or "Finsta" accounts. Instagram's main goal since launching Stories has been to help users share moments as they happen. The ever evolving platform has made huge strides in the last year through improvements to direct messages and Instagram live videos. Now, Instagram wants to offer their users an even better way to boost instant sharing, and that is through the new feature: Favorites List.

To find out more about what Instagram Favorites is you can read The Verve's article: Instagram tests favorites, a major rethinking of private sharing.

You can also always go to Instagram's Help Center, help.instagram.com, for any further information about the latest Instagram update this July!

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