What Do The Red Spots Mean On Snapchat Map? | SnapMap June 2017

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What are the different red spot meanings on Snapchat Map?

What Do The Red Spots Means On Snapchat Map? | SnapMap June 2017:

After the SnapMap feature was released this week, many Snapchat users are wondering what do the red spots mean on the Snapchat map? Scrolling the map, you'll notice certain areas glowing blue, yellow, orange, or red. These colored spots indicate how many users have submitted Snaps to the shared "Our Story" collection.

What Do The Red Heat Spots Means On Snap Map?


If a hot spot is glowing especially bright red, there might be something very interesting going on. A super-red area means a lot of Snapchat activity is taking place. Most likely a bright red heat spot on the Snapchat map means a concert, parade or maybe an important protest.

Note: You can click into a hot spot and check out what is going on, even see the snaps other users are posting for that location. Click into one of the thumbnails to see Snaps from a concert, rally, parade or any large scale event around the world!

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