Find Out The Top 10 YouTube Videos Of All Time

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Drum roll please....

Without further adieu, here is the list of most viewed YouTube videos of all time, as derived from YouTube charts.

These videos include the "Billion View Club", a group of videos whose view counts have exceeded one billion views each. Prior to June 28, 2015, only two videos, "Gangnam Style" and "Baby", had achieved this milestone, but less than 3½ months later, on October 7, 2015, ten videos had done so.

As of December 2016, a total of 40 videos have exceeded one billion views, four of which have exceeded two billion views. The five fastest videos to reach one billion views are "Hello", which amassed one billion views in 87 days, "Sorry" (137 days), "Gangnam Style" (159 days), "This Is What You Came For" (166 days), and "See You Again" (184 days).

As of December 2016, Justin Bieber is the only artist to have four videos exceeding 1 billion views. Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Fifth Harmony, Psy, and Adele each have two videos that exceed 1 billion views, while Taylor Swift is the only artist to have two videos in the top 10.

1. "Gangnam Style" - Psy (2.707 Billion Views)

Uploaded July 15, 2012.

2. "See You Again" - Wiz Khalifa (2.254 Billion Views)

Featuring Charlie Puth. Uploaded April 6, 2015.

3. "Sorry" - Justin Bieber (2.067 Billion Views)

Uploaded - October 22, 2015.

4. "Uptown Funk" - Mark Ronson (2.034 Billion Views)

Featuring Bruno Mars. Uploaded November 19, 2014.

5. "Blank Space" - Taylor Swift (1.881 Billion Views)

Uploaded November 10, 2014.

6. "Маша плюс каша" - Get Movies (1.837 Billion Views)

Uploaded January 31, 2012.

7. "Hello" - Adele (1.811 Billion Views)

Uploaded October 22, 2015.

8. "Shake It Off" - Taylor Swift (1.781 Billion Views)

Uploaded August 18, 2014.

9. "Lean On" - Major Lazer and DJ Snake (1.772 Billion Views)

Featuring MØ. Uploaded March 22, 2015.

10. "Bailando" - Enrique Iglesias (1.771 Billion Views)

Featuring Descemer Bueno and Gente De Zona.

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