Michelle Obama Turns 53! These Intimate Photos Of Love Will Make You Weep


We'll miss you as our FLOTUS!

In case you didn't know, Michelle Obama is celebrating her 53rd birthday today. She's been a pretty incredible First Lady, and the thought of her leaving the White House in just 2 days is not sitting well at all. Since I couldn't throw her a real party, I decided to honor her by rounding up a few photos of her and the President over the years, and what I found was an absolutely adorable love story.

Stolen kisses, warm embraces, and funny faces are everyday behaviour for this power couple. The pair have been best friends since their first movie date on the Southside of Chicago in 1989, and they're not afraid to let the world know. Not only is their affection for each other amazingly heartwarming, it's also a shining example of a love that has survived 27 years of monumental ups and downs.

Michelle was a champion of support during both of her husband's presidential campaigns, has openly supported marriage equality, and frequently travels to foreign countries to empower children living in poverty. She somehow also finds time to raise 2 beautiful daughters. Did I mention she's actually superwoman?

Cheers to a wonderful outgoing First Lady on her special day, and to the Obama family for their courage and leadership. We'll miss you, Michelle!

Making Faces As The Car Carrying Queen Elizabeth And Prince Philip Arrives At Winfield House In London, (2011). A couple that knows how to have fun together!

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