How Following My Gut May Have Saved My Life

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Always trust your instincts.

The Oxford Dictionary defines intuition as "the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning." If you're confused about what intuition is exactly, that's okay-- even Carl Jung was too. It's hard to put a label on, but it's something instinctual. It's that feeling you get before you know what's going on that tells you -- what's going on. Women usually know it best.

I had this moment a few months ago when I was parked outside a friend's apartment one night. I was in a good crowded neighborhood when I spotted a man walking down the street. He was dressed impeccably, carrying a briefcase and for all intents and purposes, really didn't look like a threat. However, as he walked down the street and I watched him out of the corner of my eye, my female intuition kicked in. I noticed he was walking very close to the other parked cars... but why was that weird? I know I've seen other people do this.

As he got closer, my intuitive alarm started beeping even louder. When we locked eyes, he suddenly looked devilish and angry. A chill went shooting down my spine. My initial instinct was right-- despite appearances, I think this handsome, put together looking man was going to try to attack me. I knew it. I hit the lock button JUST as he reached to try to open my car door.

When he realized I had locked it in time, he got a furious look in his face and started hitting my windshield with his briefcase. I'll never forget how normal he looked from afar, how young and handsome he was, and how terrified he made me feel when I looked in his eyes. I got the gut feeling that he didn't want my car, body or money -- I believe he wanted my life.

I'll never know what would have happened had I not listened to my gut and reached for my car door lock. However, I do know that had I not listened to my gut, I wouldn't have gotten away so easily that night. I think of that night every time my internal alarm goes off now and I know that I have to listen to it. Because for all "rational" purposes, that man was just another young professional that could have been friends with my brother or boyfriend. Appearances don't mean anything when your gut alerts you to danger. Always trust your gut instinct. You'll never regret playing it safe.

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