Trump Won't Give You Birth Control? No Problem, Melinda Gates Will

In her Op-Ed with Nat-Geo she reiterated her bold statement on birth control that she had ignited in 2012.

In an Op-Ed published last week in National Geographic, Melinda Gates birth control pledge was reaffirmed. She shared why she's an advocate for the over 225 million women around the globe who still lack access to modern contraceptives.

Over the years she has certainly proved herself as not just the wife of global tech tycoon Bill Gates. She's a philanthropist and social activist in her own right and reinforced this by reiterating her bold initiative on birth control: She wants to provide contraceptive options to 120 million women around the globe by 2020.

Certainly a very timely decision on her part, with the new administrations plans to cut off funding for organizations, like Planned Parenthood, that offer women much needed access to contraceptive options.

"In the decade and a half since Bill and I started our foundation, I've heard from women all over the world about how important contraceptives are to their ability to take charge of their futures," she wrote. "When women are able to plan their pregnancies around their goals for themselves and their families, they are also better able to finish their education, earn an income, and fully participate in their communities."

In 2012 Gates co-chaired the Family Planning 2020 summit, a global event that brought leaders around the world together to talk about giving in-need women easy access to contraception. Their goal was to get 120 million women access to birth control by the year 2020.

"In 2012, we made a promise to women around the world. Our actions over the next three years will decide whether we keep it," she wrote in the magazine.

By writing the piece in National Geographic this month, Gates has made it clear she's not backing down.

"The decision about whether and when to get pregnant was a decision that Bill and I made based on what was right for me and what was right for our family—and that's something I feel lucky about. There are still over 225 million women around the world who don't have access to the modern contraceptives they need to make these decisions for themselves," Gates continued.

Planned Parenthood saw a 40-fold increase in donations, according to The Guardian. If nothing else, the increase in women's health activism - post election, is an indication that we're not going down without a firm fight. Melinda Gates birth control pledge only further strengthens this position.


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