Tinder Without Facebook 2017

Tinder Without Facebook 2017

Tinder Without Facebook 2017 - because you don't have to be visible on Facebook.

Tinder Without Facebook 2017:

Here's how to use Tinder without Facebook 2017. The easiest way to use Tinder without having to use your Facebook account, because it is possible to work around.

1. Step One: How To Use Tinder Without Facebook 2017:

To use Tinder without Facebook, it's going to sound counter-intuitive, but the results will still end up being the same. There's no way around having to log into a Facebook account to gain access to Tinder. However, there are very easy and actionable workarounds that will give you the same results you're looking for. We'll walk you though the process step by step.

Please Note: You will momentarily need to link your Facebook to your Tinder account, but now worries, you can quickly hide the app in Facebook by following Step two below!

Step Two: How Hide The Tinder App In Facebook

Wondering if your Tinder app is visible on Facebook? You're smart to wonder this. Unless you update your visibility settings for your Tinder app in Facebook to "Only Me," your Tinder App is definitely NOT hidden.

Here's How To Hide The Tinder App In Facebook:

Once you're logged into your Facebook account update your Tinder App settings.

  • Log into your Facebook account to edit the privacy settings for your Tinder app.
  • Click the top right of Facebook and then select Settings
  • Click "Apps" in the left menu
  • Then click on the Tinder app edit its settings
  • Select "App Visibility" and set it to "Only Me"
  • Then hit "Save"

Step Three: How To Remove Facebook From Your Tinder Account 2017:

After hiding the visibility settings of your Tinder app on Facebook, you're going to need to go into your Tinder app and update the Facebook settings. This will make it so your Facebook friends won't see you on Tinder and Tinder will never post anything to Facebook.

Here's How To Hide Facebook In The Tinder App:

  • Click into your Tinder app.
  • Go to your Tinder Settings
  • Once in Tinder Setting find the Facebook app • Toggle the Facebook "Show Me On Tinder Social" off.

Once you've done this, Tinder won't be able to post anything to Facebook. Your Facebook friends won't be able to see you on Tinder either. And that's all there is to using Tinder without Facebook.

Step Four: Start Using Your Tinder Account Without Facebook!

There you go! Once you follow these simple steps you don't have to worry, now yu can use Tinder without Facebook stress-free.

Do you know any other hacks to help protect Tinder privacy? We're always looking fore new tips and tricks to share to help Tinder users customize their visibility settings.

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