This Teen Was Kicked Out Of His Home After Buying A Puppy

Sometimes it's just love at first sight.

This is Brett Cox. He's 19 and he lives in Sachse, Texas.

This is his dog Buu, the fluffiest of pups.

“I always wanted a chow from a young age,” said the teen.

“I was hoping my mom would be excited and happy that I brought him home."

Despite the consequences, he calls the decision “worth it.”

Many people agreed with him when he shared photos of his pup on Twitter.

And everyone was pretty obsessed with the fluffiness.


The teen is now living at his girlfriend’s house and he plans to keep Buu.

"I hope in the end everything works out and I get to come back home with my dog," he said.

We hope it all works out and you get to go home too Brett! xo


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