The Pluto Retrograde This 2017 Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign, But How?

How Pluto will affect your sign till September.

What Does The Pluto Retrograde 2017 have to do with Pluto Astrology?

Basically, Pluto retrograde is here to show you who you really are, that means not only the hearts and rosy parts – EVERYTHING – you in all your nasty glory.

HOWEVER, the good news is that Pluto retrograde brings the opportunity for major positive change. Don't want to? Well, Pluto is going to tell you a different story. According to

"Pluto is the exalted level of Mars; Mars corresponds to unpredictability, force, treachery, combat, opposition, fears of being displaced, jealousy, ruthlessness, and opportunism."

Pluto is capable of making your biggest and worst fear come to pass, but all for the purpose of forcing you to positively change. So, "What are you afraid of?"


Pluto demolishes and lays to ruin all that should not be and isn't working, in order to make way for a clean slate that works better. Pluto governs transmutation, renaissance and perishing. Sometimes Pluto ascertains what you can't bear to let go of and drive it from you. Pluto helps us reach our desires. Whether you are prepared for what Pluto retrograde is going to do or not, you have to keep moving in life and letting go of what holding you back form being your best self.

Planet Retrograde Basics:

Pluto goes retrograde once a year. Pluto in retrograde lasts from six to seven months every year. Again, like other Retrogrades, the drive is aimed towards the internal and not driven in an external way. Pluto retrograde makes us reassess what we are doing to prepare for our future. A Pluto retrograde is a time when external pressures interfere; when devastation, hard issues and restoring things again are the order of the day.

What does a Pluto Retrograde do to You and Others?

During a Pluto retrograde period one may feel persecuted and that things and people are trying to bring you down. If you are living your life carelessly and you haven't made amends for the things that you have done wrong, Pluto's paybacks are a B-%[email protected]. Change comes with this retrograde by stalemates and clean slates.Change may come in the form of getting fired or getting dumped by someone who has taken your sh*t all this time.

Things we cling to are abruptly driven from us, making us think about what we treasure. This might appear to be a sharp action, to be blunt; whatever is taken out your life was going anyway. A person may see the manifestation of their own bad character trait in other people. This will cause them to be possessed with the flaw that they see. The person should take a subjective view on this and acknowledge it in themselves, take a mental note and change this in themselves.

What should we do in a retrograde?

The time of a Pluto's retrograde is best used to clean house (literally and figuratively). While Pluto is in retrograde, it's a useful time to do a body cleanse and wash away the pollution inside our bodies, or do a cleansing of our environment.While this retrograde is on, we should anticipate unforeseen events, stuff that knocks you on your as*. Remain ready to go through anything.

Be ready to let go of what doesn't function anymore, so that you can reform your life. You will find clues to what that is by looking to the House your Pluto is in. When Pluto goes retrograde you should be ready to let a piece of your personality, a piece of your life, or someone in your life to give way or go, in order for things to be changed and made new.

The reason is that some part of you is longing for something "to be" in your life and something or someone has to go in order for that to be fulfilled. If you go through an ending, don't fight it, don't be frightened, it will be "the best thing that ever happened"... and all that.

We shouldn't refuse; it'll just get infinitely difficult. If you try and hang on will only bring you trouble. You should also be ready for future complications, because of this clearing out of situations and people.

The Pluto Retrograde This 2017 Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign, But How?

Occasionally, we are witnesses of a retrograde, or backwards, movement of the planets, an occurrence that has been puzzling scientists for centuries.

Today we know that the explanation for the planets' movement towards the west, instead of their usual eastern-oriented movement – is an illusion. It is related to the position of the Earth, the sun and the planets in a particular moment.

Interestingly enough, this manifestation has great impact on how people feel and what people think. They influence human's sub-consciousness and psychology, further causing problems in relationships, career and friendships.

When is the Pluto Retrograde 2017?

Pluto's retrograde motion will persist until late September this year, and will have different implications on each zodiac sign.

Aries & Pluto Retrograde:

Aries Rising — 10th House: If you know where you're at with your career, there's a good chance of success at this time. If you're uncertain, there's a high chance of a total change of path.

People that are Aries are born in April, and that is the months when Pluto's change in motion is initiated. Consequently, they will be more affected by these changes in comparison with other signs. The most vulnerable category for Aries will be family relationships, so they need to be cautious in the way they treat family members, as well as to try to avoid conflicts and disagreements.

Taurus & Pluto Retrograde:

Taurus Rising — 9th House: A great moment for absorbing and learning from experience, and gaining new knowledge. What beliefs have you been blindly holding onto, and where are you getting woke?

Taurus is another sign that will experience Pluto's influences mainly in a negative manner. Same as Aries, they need to pay attention to the relationships between family members. Additionally, their financial situation and financial planning will be another reason for trouble. Their money and property discussions, especially within the house, might contribute to the tightened family relationships, so best to avoid them completely.

On a more positive note, this is the time when those born under this sign will experience freedom of their sexual energy, which might lead to a new romance or even a relationship.

Gemini & Pluto Retrograde:

Gemini Rising — 8th House :: Be careful with any joint possessions or other people's resources—think your spouse's or employer's. Also a time to get familiar with any unmet desires.

This will be a very slow and calm period for the Gemini. They will be rather in the resting mood. This will be their chance to pause for the moment from the rapid, nervous every day office life, and to devote more time to themselves. Consequently, they will be experiencing positive impact on their health.

Cancer & Pluto Retrograde:

Cancer Rising — 7th House: Embarking on an "amazing 'til it isn't" relationship or being challenged to change your present relationship. Seeing power plays in partnerships for what they really are.

Same as Taurus, Cancer will be significantly affected as well. They are very sensitive signs s it is. This is a period when their actions from the past might haunt them, and they might be experiencing the consequences of these actions. It will be a good idea to learn how to take responsibility for decision-making and how to start a clean slate.

Leo & Pluto Retrograde:

Leo Rising — 6th House: Transformation of your health and daily routine—physical regeneration through good dietary choices or a possible breakdown of poor dietary habits.

Leos are famous as people that always put themselves in front of the others, caring more about their own needs than the others'. The upcoming period will indicate these changes. Those born under the Leo sign may experience troubles or conflicts, because of their behavior, especially if they have been involved in lies and manipulations. Try to change and improve yourselves in the next couple of months.

Virgo & Pluto Retrograde:

Virgo Rising — 5th House: Intensified relationship patterns—either the beginnings of a magnetic new relationship or the break down of old patterns in a current relationship. If you have children, there may be some power struggles!

Over the summer, Pluto will be playing with Virgo's karma. If you are a Virgo, and you have done something that was a cause of another person's pain, better watch yourself. It is payback time, full of challenges. Watch your finances as well. Looking on the bright sight, this will be a good opportunity for making a self-analysis, learning how to improve and what to avoid.

Libra & Pluto Retrograde:

Libra Rising — 4th House: Grappling internally with problems from childhood and family … it's always Mom, isn't it! On the outside, changes in your relationship to home—repairing your living space or moving entirely.

It is a well-known fact that Libra is the most sensitive sign. Libras are emotional, calm, with an eye for esthetic. Unfortunately, the cosmic changes might influence their calmness and stability. They might adapt behaviors that are very unusual for them, which will be a trigger for further trouble and conflicting situations. Watch over your love life – Libras are great lovers and romantic souls; however, be sure to protect your relationship with your significant other in the next six months.

Scorpio & Pluto Retrograde:

Scorpio Rising — 3rd House: Intensified thought processes and conversations. Be wary of black and white attitudes that bypass the gray, and rule out the opportunity for productive discourse.

Scorpios are known as trouble causing and complicated people. Well, this time, surprisingly, they are not to be blamed for their behavior. Their rapid actions will be a result of the cosmic influences. For those that are in a relationship or marriage, there might be some challenges in the upcoming period so proceed with caution.

Sagittarius & Pluto Retrograde:

Sagittarius Rising — 2nd House: A value system overhaul—both psychologically and materially. Don't buy the McMansion just yet. You may yet discover it's not what "luxury" truly means to you.

Unlike most of the signs that will be experiencing love or family related challenges, those born under Sagittarius need to take care of their job positions and finances. Their workplace will not be the happiest place until Pluto returns back to normal.

*Capricorn & Pluto Retrograde:

Capricorn Rising — 1st House: Changing how you see yourself and reshaping your personality. Getting a grip on unconscious drives and urges to control people, situations and, well, … EVERYTHING!

The retrograde motion will also influence Capricorns' financial situation. They must not allow the discussion about money to bring them apart from their family member.

Aquarius & Pluto Retrograde:

Aquarius Rising — 12th House: A game of psychological chess with yourself! It's time to deal with old patterns and behaviors that worked in childhood but don't translate now (read: no more tantrums on the floor!)

Aquarius is the scientific and innovative sign, always ready for action. The Pluto retrograde will be responsible for their emotions being frozen– they will lose the will to remain in movement and to communicate with others. They will become rather lethargic, so they need to make sure that this stage will not influence their relationships with others.

Pisces & Pluto Retrograde:

Pisces Rising — 11th House: A perfect time to seek out more like-minded friends who will aid you in your transformations. It's also a good moment for prioritizing actions that truly give back.

This is period of tiredness for the Pisces, and similar to the Aquarius, they will lack energy to take any actions or make major changes. Maybe this is the right time for Pisces to rest and find their peace.

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